Friday, April 11, 2014

Final Edit ....

Just approved the final edit on my manuscript so it is full speed ahead for May 1st publication date!

I must admit I learnt some new things about writing with the editing process.

The main peeve is 'head hopping' - apparently 90% of writer's head hop (HH) and it is a no-no.  I spent some time researching all about it.

I was very happy to learn I had not HH'd a great deal so there was only a few little sections to repair.  
So just what exactly is head-hopping?
Head-hopping is a mistake that writers usually fall in to because they want to be able to show what each character within a scene is thinking. The Omniscient narrator can indeed do that.
To be head hopping, a passage needs to meet two criteria:
(1)   The viewpoint shifts between characters without a proper transition (e.g. a scene break).
(2)   The thoughts/feelings of the characters are given in their voices rather than in the author’s voice.

Now that you know the definition of head hopping, you’ll be able to run everything through its filter to decide if a passage is head hopping or genuinely omniscient POV.
Omniscient POV will be written in the author’s voice. The characters’ feelings and thoughts will be filtered through the author narrator.
Head hopping will be in the characters’ voices, and you’ll go back and forth without a proper transition. 
So I re-read the manuscript (and the other's I have written) to find I did HH but thankfully not much at all.  
Now that I know what to look for, I have managed to avoid doing it with the remaining books that I have written but not submitted yet.
Apart from that I got very good feedback from the Editor on the content, flow and characterisation.  So all in all I am a very happy little author!

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