Thursday, April 03, 2014

Thanks to my Beta Readers

Slowly coming down to earth after the past few weeks of excitement. The thought that I will soon have three books available for sale is still making me giggle at odd occasions.

I have written a couple of teasers on my Author website, if you like risque novels that are explicit and designed to tittilate and tempt why not drop over and have a read?

I have been working hard on the series and have now completed 6 books in total. The first three have been accepted, the fourth one has just been submitted and the remaining two are with my guinea pig readers.

They are fabulous people, they read all my books and give me the thumbs up or down and point out any errors.

So a big thank you to my guinea pig readers - you know who you are ;)

I have Book One of the Hunter series with two different publisher's but have not heard anything back from them. They both state that they take around three months with submissions so I am not concerned. One has only just gone in and the other has been in four weeks.
My inspiration for the hero in the first book was this guy. I just doctored the pic to give him green eyes and longer hair.

I have started Book Two of that series. It will be a long novel like book one so will take me a while. It is a break from working on the Club ones too. They run between 25,000 and 30,000 words whereas the Hunter series run from 75,000 to 95,000.

Searching through the Internet I found this guy. He has become my inspiration for the Hero in the Hunter book two. Once again I doctored the pic to give him green eyes and long hair. The two men are brothers in the two books ..... immortal vampire Hunters.

I find it easier to write when I can visualise my heros .... on the wall in front of my computer I have all my heroes hanging - so they all look down at me when I write .... lol.

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