Sunday, May 25, 2014

Daemon Are Forever...

I am really excited - SirenBookstrand have accepted my manuscript for Daemons Are Forever and it will be released electronically in August.  But even more exciting a print edition will be available in December!!

I loved writing this book - 

What do you do when you are a woman in her 60s and all alone?

Why make a wish of course ....

Feeling like a complete idiot I whispered, "Please send me a sexy hunk, someone really tall and handsome who will love me forever. Let the sparks fly and the attraction go way off the scale and let me fall in love with him."

Eliza Walters made a wish to the Universe, never expecting that very soon a tall dark and extremely handsome man would come to her.

There is just a slight catch or two - he is an immortal ... oh and no-one else can see him.

Throw in a scared little Demon and you have the recipe for something funny, sexy and delightful.

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