Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Today we turn the Spotlight on Elle Boon - she has written two books and writing her third in the Ravens of War series.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
A: I'm a retired wife and mother lol. I say retired because my youngest will be turning 14 on May 19th, so my job is pretty much over lol. I am an avid reader, and I curse like a sailor :) but I always say I do it with class hehehe. I mean if someone can say the F word with class it's me *weg*.
 Q: How did you choose the genre you write in?
A: I love to read paranormal and ménage are my favorite, so it just seemed normal. I mean, I figured why not write what I loved to read :) Besides...It's freaking HOT!!
Q: What is your writing dream?
A: My writing dream is that people will love my stories and want me to continue so they could read more.
Q: Who are your favourite authors?
A: I have so many favorite authors, but here are my top five in no particular order: Sherrilyn Kenyon, JR Ward, Sophie Oak-Lexi Blake, Shelly Laurenston, Diana Palmer. I count Sophie and Lexi as one hehehhe :) But truly I love soo many.
Q: Which comes first, characters or plot?
A: For me the plot and the characters kind of go hand and hand. That goes  with my writing style, which is called a panster. See Below :)
Q: Do you have the whole plot outlined before you start writing?
A: Goodness NOOO. I am not one of those writers lol. I sit down and plot out the storyline. I know who my characters are. What they look like, their ages, and such. I know the general idea of the story and I know there will be a happily ever after. I know who the bad guy is and I pretty much know what the "conflict" is. And then I sit down and write the first scene and then the next and so on. That's what they call a "panster" writer. I write pertinent details down as I go like things each character is known for saying, their individual likes that makes them stand out, that way I don't repeat in other books. It's a mystery to me as I write :)
Q: When did you start writing?
A: I've always kept a diary as a child, and then named it a "journal" as I got older (so much more mature sounding), but I really decided to try to become a published author three years ago :)
Q: Why erotic romance?
A: I decided erotic romance because that's what I love to read, and what I know *WEG*
Q: When is your favourite time to write?
A: All the time, anytime that I have available, or when inspiration strikes.
Q: What would surprise people to know about you?
A: I'm pretty much an open book, but most people are shocked to learn that I'm a good Catholic girl lol :)
Q. What is something unique about you as an author?
A: I can honestly say I don't know if I'm unique as an author other than I have my real picture as my profile pic and it's recent not years ago lol :)
Q: How old were you when you began to write stories?
A: I was a child when I wrote my first fan fiction. But my first published I wrote just last year and it was just published this year Selena's Men.
Q: Did you always want to be a writer?
A: I actually have a degree in accounting, but when I had my youngest child he was born with underdeveloped bronchial tubes, so I became a stay at home mom. Then at the age of 32 I was diagnosed with Cancer and my life drastically changed again. I found reading to fill the gaps between my youngest going to school and me going through chemo and being stuck at home and sick. Books saved me and helped me rediscover my love for reading.
Q. Do you like silence when you write or some background noise?
A: I prefer music as my background noise, the type of music depends on the scene.
Q: How long does it take you to write a book?
A: If the muse is flowing I can usually finish a 70K book in two months give or take.
Q: Can you describe your writing process on how to create a book?
A: For me I get the idea for a story, then I figure out what my characters look like and sketch out a draft of the basic idea. I get that all down and then name the main characters. I basically start with a blank screen after I have the story idea and just start writing, making notes of details as I go.
Q: What would I find in your refrigerator right now?
A: Everything from milk, eggs, condiments, shredded ham, cheese, bacon, sweet tea, salad fixings, left overs, grapes, butter, Redi-whip, Jello, Vitamin Water, and misc lol.
Q: Do you ever use your own experiences in your books?
A: I definitely use things and people from my real life in my books, but since I write ménage and paranormal that part is most definitely make believe :)
Q: What do you like reading in your spare time?
A: I have a very eclectic reading palate. I read paranormal, cowboys, anything with an HEA at the end. I won't read anything with a cliffhanger or serials.
Q: What is your writing day like?
A: I usually get up at 7 and get my Goob (that's my youngest up and feed him breakfast, make him lunch and get him off to school) I then check email, check in on fb and then hopefully get to writing. But, it doesn't always happen :) My hope is that I get anywhere from 2000-5000 words a day in.
Q: What advice would you give to new writers?
A: I would tell a new writer to never give up. If you truly want to be a writer then keep trying.
Q: Do you read much?
A: I read everyday.
Q: What luxury could you not live without?
Q: What’s your favourite food?
A: Garlic Parmesan Chicken with Broccoli
Q: Who do you base your heroes on?
A: I usually envision a gorgeous male model or male actor, but since my heroes are usually larger than life I tend make a few tweaks to them lol.
Q: What’s next for you?
A: I'm currently working on book three of my Ravens of War series titles Jaklyn's Saviors. This book is a little different than the first two. Book two is set for release on May 21st, its titles Two For Tamara. I think I have made each book different in my series to where readers won't read them and go "Oh, no not again." The first two books had the same bad guy "Cronus", but they were completely different too IMO. I can honestly say I love all my books :) When I had to go back and re-read Two For Tamara last week for Final Edits, I fell in love with my two heroes Vin and Rafe. Now, I'm working on Jaklyn and her two men Gray and Colt and I can't help but love them too, however there are a trio of guys you meet in book 3 that I hope will get a spin-off :)



  1. amazing author. I have started Selena's mne and can't wait to get into the next book as well

  2. Thank you soo much. I hope you like it. Two For Tamara came out today from Siren :)

  3. Go you, Elle! I love that you're now living another part of your dream! Write on, and dream on--dream BIG! :)