Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Inspirations ...

When I write I need a 'hero' inspiration.

I scour the internet looking for photos of men who strike my interest.  When I find one I print out an A4 picture and stick it in front of my computer.  That person then becomes whoever my character is.

I talk to him, discuss events in the book, see if he offers suggestions and basically let him take over.  I also search for females to represent my characters.

If you go to my website - Suzy Shearer - you will be able to 'see' all the members of The Club. It will help you put a face to a name, learn something about them and see how they relate to other club members.

On Pinterest I will be adding little items that relate to the books like collars, jewellery, etc.

If you are wondering about those cute guys with long hair - they belong to another series 'The Hunters' - immortal vampire hunters, as yet it has not been picked up by a publisher.

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