Friday, May 23, 2014

The Club 2: Uncollared....

I am over the moon!!

My second book - The Club 2: Uncollared was released today after a week on pre-release and already it is #4 on the publishers Bestseller List!!!

It is so exciting - I have two books out and BOTH of them are in the top 10 Bestsellers!

Never in my wildest dreams did I think my debut novel, and then the second, would achieve this sort of success. The first book reached #2, I wonder how high this one will go?

Today I sent back the first edits on Book 4.

I have also book 5 accepted and submitted another book - this time it is a paranormal romance and it has a lot of humour in it as well as sex. I hope my readers like it, I had a lot of fun writing it.

It features a very sexy hunk and a short green demon. I couldn't find any photos of demons to use as inspiration so I sketched him out myself instead!  It has Greek Gods and Goddesses in it as well.

I have another in The Club series started to keep my BDSM fans happy ... lol.

I am also working on one set on another planet - it has one lone earthwoman, some hunky sexy males and a Dragon as the central characters .... oh and toss in some very strange females

I would love to hear back from my readers - what would you like to read?  Any suggestions for a BDSM theme?  Maybe you would love to see a Domme?  Or maybe a book featuring something else?

Drop me an email and if I go with your suggestion you will get to name the hero or heroine!

UPDATE - Just got an email from the publishers, they have accepted my paranormal romance!  After just 6 days!!  Oh wow!

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