Thursday, June 26, 2014

Excitement Comes in Threes .....

I just received the cover for Book 5 -  it is perfect!

The Club 5: Submit is about a fiery redhead who is pursued by a very handsome Dom.  She refuses to accept she is a submissive and their lovemaking tends to be as fiery as she is.

I enjoyed writing this one - I have actually written it in first person. You become the heroine, Georgia, and feel what she is going through.   This is my second book to be written in 'first person', the other is Daemons Are Forever.

More exciting news - The Club 6: Unmasked has been accepted and is due for electronic release in Sept/Oct 2014.

I had fun with this one - fans of my books will all know James 'Doc' Wilson. He is a much loved character at The Club and I decided to give him his own book.

It seemed only fitting that a masquerade ball to celebrate Fleur and Richard's 25th wedding anniversary become the setting for a rather unique meeting between Doc and the mysterious Naddiya.

And still the exciting news keeps coming!

As part of my publisher's social media presence, they would like to feature The Club in a Series Showcase on Facebook. This will occur on Thursday, July 3.

They also feature a Fave Five list from me on Pinterest to coincide with my Facebook feature.  They are going to select the photo for their Pinterest page: and post.

So how exciting is all that?  For me it is simply W.O.W!!

The Club 4: Displayed is now out for pre-order with a 10% discount.

...... Kendra Fletcher has a tragic past that she just cannot seem to escape from. She discovered The Club six months ago, and it has become her only sexual outlet.  By displaying then masturbating herself in front of an audience, she can finally achieve an orgasm.
Marc and Gabe Rossi, identical twins, fun loving and full of life, see her perform, and for them it is love at first sight. They know she is the woman for them. But how can they convince such a shy and reclusive woman that they are perfect for her?
Ty and Juliet Palmer decide to help the twins get the woman they love. After all, who better to help than Juliet, who loves being displayed, and her loving husband, who loves to watch her?
So with the help of their friends at The Club, the twins set out to win over Kendra and make her their own.

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