Friday, June 20, 2014

What are Erotic Romance Books ....

Submitted Book 6 in The Club series to my publishers this morning so now begins the nail biting again.  I am so happy at how well the books have been performing.

I never imagined when I first submitted my manuscript that 6 months later I would have 3 books out and each one managing to reach the top 3 MF Bestsellers.

Then the fact that one reached number is amazing.  At the moment I still have the 3 books that have been released in the top 20 and they have been there since their release!

It is interesting that since 50 Shades came out of the fan fiction (where it was first published) and into the 'real' world how erotic romance are now accepted.

Erotic romances have always been around but they were hidden away and women were ashamed to be caught reading them.  Nowadays people are more open and you hear discussions on erotic novels in all sorts of places from supermarkets to hairdressers to libraries.

When people find out I write erotic novels I am surprised at the storyline suggestions I get.  It is great to see that it is no longer a taboo subject and the majority of people do not look at you and say 'you write porn - disgusting!' .... instead they want to know the titles and the subjects so they can buy them ..... lol.

The sub-genre of erotic romances got its first real boost with epublishing.  When high volume sales showed for the genre, publishers realised there was an untapped market.  Since 2005 the genre has skyrocketed with many large publishing houses having secondary publishing venues designed for the genre and/or for electronic publishing.

Erotic romances should not be confused with pornographic novels.  Erotic Romance novels let the readers in behind the bedroom door with explicit sex scenes and language but they are there for character development.  There is always well-developed plot lines and characters and if the explicit sex were removed the story would still stand but would suffer.  'Happy ever after' is an requirement in the erotic romance genre.

Detractors of erotic romances call our work 'porn' or 'soft porn' without knowing the very real and obvious difference. In pornographic novels there is no character development, no plots, no subplots - it is just explicit sex written to give the reader incentive to orgasm and for no other reason.

I have no problems telling people I write erotic romances, there will always be people who don't like the genre - just like there are people who hate thrillers or scif/fi etc - if there are readers of certain genres there will always be authors writing them.

Fans can't wait to get new releases from their favourite authors and authors have a hard time keeping up with demand.

I have been overwhelmed by the support my new readers give me - they all keep asking when the next book is coming out .... lol.

I am also excited to know that I will have two books in print form - it will be so exciting to have them sitting on my bookshelf!

I already have requests for autographed copies!

There is a great site - authorgraph - that allows readers to get autographs from their favourite authors for electronic books.  I have joined it and already sent out a lot of autographs.

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