Monday, July 28, 2014

Another #1 Bestseller ...

 Yahoo! Another #1 bestseller!

I did it again.  This time with book #5, made it to the top spot on my publisher's MF Romance Bestsellers list.

Just had to share it with everyone... lol.

So exciting!

It has been sitting at the top spot for three days!!!!

Been such a great year as far as my books are concerned.  A great big thank you to my readers for making the series so successful.

I have two that will be out in paperback - one in Dec and the other in Jan.  They are both paranormal romances.

This is the cover for the ebook version of one of them. It is about immortal Greek daemons and also has little green demons in it along with Greek gods.

Haven't got the cover for other yet, that one is about vampire hunters and it is the first in a series.

From what I understand, the publishers does something different or does the layout different for the print version.

It will be great to be able to put them on the bookshelf, makes it more real somehow .... lol.  Plus I get to look at the 'hotties' on the covers easier ... 

As there were only three comment on the Win post, I put the names in a hat and gave the first drawn out all five books, the next 3 books and the last name 2 books.  Congratulations to all three winners and thanks.

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