Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Blog Hop - Romance Author's Writing Process

Today I have joined in with a Blog Hop with other romance authors on the writing process.  At each blog you will learn a little about that author and their writing process.  You will also meet one other. 

Don’t forget to visit all of the other participants in this hop by viewing the list at the bottom of this post. 
At each blog you will learn a little about a different romance author and find links to others in the Blog Hop.

I was invited to join by Lynn Davidson who had an erotic Sci/fi romance book out called Golden Change.

- Lynn B Davidson -
Lynn B. Davidson lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband of almost twenty years and two kids. If she isn’t writing, it’s usually because she is driving a carpool or volunteering at one of her kids' activities.
Lynn’s favorite pastime is reading. She especially enjoys erotic romance, mystery, mainstream romance, science fiction, suspense, and young adult fiction.
Lynn has dozens of story ideas dancing in her head. It will just be a matter of time, before she stops daydreaming about the characters and starts telling their story.
Visit her website at: http://lynnbdavidson.blogspot.com/

And now a little about me.
I am single and live in the western suburbs of Sydney Australia  with one very spoilt dog and two equally spoilt cats to keep me company.   My books always feature older heroes and heroines; ranging from mid 40s to 60s.   

I believes that being older does not mean we are not intriguing, desirable, open to challenges and willing to experiment.  Sexy isn't just for the under 30s.
When I'm not writing, I'm painting. An accomplished artist, my  passion is watercolours and my subject matter ranges from portraits and animals to nudes and seascapes.
Oh yes … I also have a penchant for crazy coloured hair - pinks, purples and even rainbowed - and for tattoos!
You can visit my website at http://suzyshearer.wix.com/suzy

My Writing Process .....

What are you working on?
My first series was set in a BDSM club but for the next two books that are due out next month I have chosen to write paranormal.
At the moment I am working on book 2 of my Hunter series - a paranormal romance series about immortal vampire hunters.
These handsome hunters scour the world hunting down strigoi (immortal vampires). At the same time they search for their 'One' - that one person in all time who is their perfect mate.  They are similar to vampires in that they need blood to survive but unlike the strigoi they never kill.

How does your work differ from others in your genre?
I would say my main difference is that I use older heroes and heroines.  Some are in their 60s but never younger that 38-40. I feel it is important to portray my heroines and heroes older - we are just as interesting and exciting a those under 35.

Why do you write what you write?
Mainly because I enjoy it.  I love write erotic romances and find I have a natural aptitude for it.  I love reading thrillers, murders, sci/fi/fantasy and adventures but feel my talent lies in romance.  

How does your writing process work?
Usually with the characters. I scour the Internet for interesting looking men who spark my interest, print out a photo of them and hang it in front of my computer. I generally have an idea of what I would like but just let it happen around that general idea. Those pictures in front of me tend to dictate where they want to go.
I keep a spreadsheet of all my characters, their ages, physical descriptions, kinks and relationships to others as most tend to meet up at some point in time and they get their own stories.

My books -
Daemons  Are Forever (released Aug, print release Dec)
The Club 6: Unmasked (released Aug)
A Hunters Heart (released Sept, print release Jan 2015) 
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