Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Bella Settarra - Menage on Moone Mountain

Menage on Moone Mountain by Bella Settarra

Her legs can run, but her heart can’t hide…
Doms, Travis Beaumont and Kent Freeman, enjoy a loving relationship on Moone Mountain.  When Travis finds a beautiful young girl, calling herself Brooke Adams, unconscious in a ravine, both men fall for her.  Having almost given up on their dream of adding a submissive girl to their 'family' to make a ménage relationship, Kent is primarily skeptical.
    Kent's worries increase when she sees him dressed in leathers and wielding a singletail whip in his playroom.  Could her fears be linked to the scars and welts which Travis noticed on her body?  She refuses to tell them much about herself, although her nightmares and scars are a sure indication that the girl’s in big trouble.
    Terrified, Brooke rushes off, intending to leave town, but is persuaded by one of the ranch hands to stay at the hotel for the night until the storm passes.  While Kent and Travis worry about her, and try to figure out how to get her back, Brooke discovers more about the BDSM lifestyle    The guys find her in the local BDSM Club, where her impression of them alters and she is obviously attracted to them.  But Kent asks questions again and they lose their chance to ask her out before the local billionaire's son approaches her.
    How can they compete with a billionaire, and is there any hope of ever reconciling their relationship with Brooke now that she’s found someone else, anyhow?  
    When it is later disclosed that Kent Freeman is the local Deputy Sheriff, it seems like the last straw for Brooke, especially when she discovers that he has found out about her past and the real reason she is on the run.  Can she ever trust them again? And when disaster strikes at the ranch, how can they ever stop her from leaving town?

            “Now you and I both know you’re way overdue some punishment, don’t we?”  he murmured into her ear. 
            A cold chill ran through her whole body.
            “Don’t we?” he snapped.
            She remained stoic.  She knew him.  He was like a petulant child when he didn’t get what he wanted.  Well, she was darned if she was going to give him what he wanted now.
He grunted angrily as he pulled her head up by the hair, tipping it back slightly.  “I asked you a question, slut!”
Her eyes were forced to face the window and her heart leaped.  Two shadows were poised in the darkness and she would recognize their physiques anywhere.  Kent’s calm demeanour gave her strength and she gazed at his gun which pointed right at the bastard behind her.  Travis’s determined jaw was clenched and he too had his gun ready with Chad West in his sights.
Chad tugged at her hair again and pain seared her head once more.  Feeling weak and woozy, she forced herself to think straight as she clenched her teeth to keep from yelling.  Her mind whirled with hope—all she had to do was get the fucker far enough away from her to enable them a clear shot.
The bastard was getting more antsy by the minute.  She refused to play his game and it irked the hell out of him.  She was becoming so debilitated that it would be virtually impossible to speak to him now, anyway.
Eventually Chad took the knife and sized it up against her soft throat, which was hardly pulsating at all now. Nothing.
“I know what’ll get your blood pumping.” He snarled as he reached over her and grabbed the single tail from the table.  He waved it menacingly in front of her face, still holding the knife to her throat.
“What do you think, slut?  Don’t you want to kiss your old friend?”  Chad swung the tail lightly across her face, tormenting her with the potential hell he could leash on her at any minute.  Brooke held her breath, determined not to make a sound, and hoping that he couldn’t read the expression on her face.  He huffed in disappointed exasperation.  “Fuck this!” 
She wasn’t sure whether he had given up on the idea of using the whip, or if he planned to use it while she hung from that dang rope.  She watched tentatively, still holding her breath, as he looked around. Brooke knew he’d need to put the chair in position so he could lift her high enough to get her neck through the noose. She could feel his cold eyes staring down at her lifeless body in his arms. When she still wouldn’t respond to his taunts, he simply let go of her and she plummeted unceremoniously onto the hard wooden floor.

“I’m going to have that pretty pink ass of yours later,” he promised her as he came to stand in her line of vision.
A flame seared through her body at the thought of it, and she stared up at his gorgeous face. As Travis unfastened her hand, Kent took his position behind her, heeling off his boots and kicking off his Levis. He gripped her hips, keeping her firmly in position.
She felt his thick cock nudging at the mouth of her sopping-wet pussy, and he glided into her. He stilled for a moment, allowing her to become accustomed to his heaving girth before her thrust hard and long, causing her to moan deliciously.
Travis had unzipped his fly and allowed his huge member to spring free. His cockhead gave her a wet kiss as he neared her lips, and she licked at his juices eagerly before devouring his massive cock in her hot mouth. Travis’s cock tasted quite salty as she slurped and sucked at it. She swiped her tongue up and down its lengthy shaft, staring up at his lustful face. His eyes were hooded and he clenched his teeth, trying to maintain control of his body. With her free hand, Brooke pumped at his column, sucking hard at the delicious pre-cum that dripped into her welcoming mouth. She heard Travis gasp as she grabbed his hip for support, taking every inch of his swollen cock into her burning mouth and down her gaping throat. Luckily she had no gagging reflex and was able to take either of her men just as they liked it, much to their untold delight.
She could feel Kent gouging a hot trail through to her womb, his heaving thrusts conveying his mounting passion as she pushed back against him. He released one of his hands to tickle her clit as his vast member grazed deliciously over her sensitive G-spot. Sensations soared with every movement he made. Her nerve endings jangled as he pulled back and then thrust forward until his balls slapped noisily against her.
The room smelled of sex, sweat, and their individual scents, while the sounds of slurping, moans, and flesh-on-flesh filled the air. Their grunts and shrieks became louder, the mere sound a delectable aphrodisiac to one another.
The fire ripped through Brooke’s body and she screamed around Travis’s huge cock. The vibrations at the back of her throat were enough to unhinge him, and he yelled as he came in massive bursts, flooding her with his cream. Brooke didn’t waste a drop of his burning nectar and swallowed greedily as it flowed down her open throat. Kent couldn’t hold on any longer and let go with a deep guttural grunt as his seed swamped her enticing womb. He thrust over and over as the deluge emptied from his enormous cock.


Saturday, September 20, 2014

Book Piracy

Before I became an author I didn't think that much about pirating, but I have learned a lot since my first ebook was pirated.

Each week I send 'Take Down' notices to various websites - and there are thousands - where I find any of my ebooks available illegally.  I waste at least half a day of my time doing searches then sending out notices.

Today I found another 5 sites with 3 of my ebooks, so sent off the official DCMA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) take down request. 

On each page that gives ebook information and the download link they also show the number of downloads of the file in the past 7 days.  So in just 7 days over 11,000 copies of my ebooks were illegally downloaded from just 5 sites - that's thousands and thousands more than have been legally bought!

That equates to over $20,000 - that's a lot of money that I don't get!

In fact I will be lucky if I earn a quarter of that figure in twelve months! 

There are even FB and Yahoo groups who boast about 'lending' ebooks! They don't believe they are doing anything illegal and are angry at authors for complaining.

No matter how you word it, you are stealing. You are a 'pirate', a thief!

Many of my author friends, myself included, are getting fed up with fighting against these people who think that downloading one ebook illegally won't hurt us. Guess what?  It does!

Next time you decided to download a ebook that you have not paid for - you are downloading it illegally - think about the author you are stealing from.

For most authors writing is secondary, we have full time jobs. Most authors cannot afford to write full time.  Yet you think it is okay to steal from them. 

Remember you are taking money that pays my bills, pays for my food, pays for my clothes. I may just as well hand over my bank details - you are stealing my wage! 

We wouldn't come into your workplace and steal from you - YET YOU THINK IT IS ALL RIGHT TO STEAL FROM US!

Would you go into a book shop and steal a book off the shelf? No. Yet you steal every time you download an ebook. 

It's exactly the same thing - book shop or download - it is STEALING!

Over the past few weeks myself and many of my author friends have been taking action. We have reported FB groups, Yahoo groups - those members have been reported, not only to FB and Yahoo but to the FBI for book piracy.

I'm sorry - but you have to know what you are doing is illegal. If you didn't pay for it - you stole it!

All books including ebooks have a copyright. If you are caught uploading, transferring, selling, copying or sharing an ebook you can gaoled for up to 5 years and be fined $250,000!

You think one ebook doesn't matter?

I've got news for you - many authors are fed up!  

Many authors are thinking 'I'm not going to give away free ebooks as prizes because people are then giving them away to all their friends'. Many authors are thinking 'why should we bother to write'? Many authors are thinking - 'I quit.'

What will you do then? What will you do when your many of your favourite authors stop writing because you chose to illegally download their ebooks?

Help us stop book piracy!

Share the titles of books with your friends, not the ebooks.

If you see ebooks being offered illegally - let the publisher or the author know and we can take appropriate action to close down the site.

Say 'NO' to anyone offering you a free copy of an ebook unless it is the author.

Be a friend to authors not an enemy.

Remember - 
I don't steal from you, don't steal from me!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

GUEST AUTHOR : Andrew Jericho

My friend Andrew Jericho has a new book release - Sex, Love and Rock 'n Roll is book 2 in his Rock Stars series.
Andrew Jericho is a ManLove erotic romance author for Siren-BookStrand PublishingAs a long supporter of LGBTQ rights, he  is thrilled to be able to reflect this in the publication of  his books which explore the lives of gay men in real situations of life and love.
Andrew’s  writing proves love and erotic attraction are the same regardless of gender and/or sexual orientation. Often his characters select themselves, as they are provided with a literary voice. Once a story develops, Andrew is compelled to see it through to completion. His characters make sure of that fact. Love and eroticism are two very important and powerful emotions that drive not only Andrew’s characters, but his style of writing as well. In their purest forms, Andrew has seen those concepts transform characters into better individuals.
Andrew is a gay transgender man, who lives with his partner, John Jericho, and family. When not writing expect to find him enjoying spending time with family, photography, eclectic tastes in music and the arts, and browsing the local library and art galleries. All of Andrew’s work can be found at: Andrew Jericho.

Cover Blurb
[PolyAmour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Multiple Partner Romance, M/M/M/M/M, intersex hero, cross-dressing, sex toys, HFN]
Sex, love, and rock ‘n’ roll are all Adam believes is holding the band Rock Hard together. In the week’s following their last concert, Adam, Deuce, L.T., and Jamie have not held a practice, and their new album is unfinished. The jealousies and secrets that almost tore them apart have changed to new conflicts. In a fit of rage, Jamie tells Adam that the five of them are nothing but “jealous hearts,” when the insanity hits.
Zane, the band’s physician, is now living at the Rock Hard mansion full time.  He believes that the four men, who have captured his heart, need the love of a real man to keep them grounded.  As each man turns to Zane for comfort, Adam realizes they all need time to heal.  In what Zane calls a “tremendous act of love and devotion,” Adam gives a heartfelt message to Rock Hard’s fans in the hopes they can begin a new chapter in their lives.
Note: This book contains drug use.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Adam felt a combination of emotions, all fighting their way for recognition. Sitting down on his bed, he reached for some loose pieces of sheet music on the nightstand. He looked at the finished product of Zane’s song, “A Forever Love.” Jamie was right, what had started as his heart speaking in lyrics to his new husband, should now be a testament to all of their jealousies. Picking up his pen nearby, Adam angrily scratched out the title, replacing it with “Jealous Hearts.” When that didn’t appease him, Adam ripped the pieces of paper in one smooth motion, tearing them in two. As the torn music fell at his feet, the front man thought for a brief moment that his actions were symbolic of the drama and chaos still present in his household.
He decided there would not be a song titled, “A Forever Love.” Nor would he ever write another power ballad for just one man. He made that mistake himself. Closing his eyes, Adam sank backward onto the bed. His thoughts returned to the last night of their tour, six weeks ago, at the arena in Little Rock. I’m dedicating this next song to Zane. The guys and I are in the process of working on a new album. There will be another power ballad titled, “A Forever Love.” The song was written in love…written for the man I’m holding in my arms.
As those words circled though his mind, Adam knew one of his mistakes was singling out Zane that night. He also felt that somewhere in the marriages he shared with each man, his greatest flaw was not being the support they needed. That not only washed sadness over him, but anger. Rock Hard’s fans didn’t know the half of it. He was not about to let their private life become a media sensation. Even Deuce’s detox had been hidden from prying eyes. The worst thing to hit the tabloids was that Zane had forged nonprofessional relationships with the band members.
“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.”
Adam heard Deuce’s voice behind him. Sitting up, he hadn’t realized his husband had walked into their bedroom.
“Deuce, you should be with L.T. He doesn’t need to be alone, especially after what I told him,” Adam said, with his back turned to his husband.
“I’ll check on him in a few minutes. Right now, we need to talk.”
“There’s nothing to talk about, Deuce. I was supposed to be the strength of this family. I saw the disappointment and pain in all of your eyes while we stood together in the kitchen.”
“Maybe Zane should counsel us all…as a family.”
“Honestly, Deuce, at this point?”
Adam watched as Deuce took a seat next to him on the bed. His lover twined their fingers together.
“I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you about the pills and L.T.”
“Baby, you already told me that.”
“The first time I couldn’t get a hard-on was with Zane, about a week after the detox. The next was the first time Jamie let me touch him a few days later. We were kissing and nothing was happening. Luckily, Jamie stopped the affection. I don’t how I would have explained it to him.”
“It happens, Deuce. There’s nothing to be ashamed about. I’m not mad about the pills. I’m upset because something so intimate should have been shared with me. If you were having that type of problem you should have felt like you could talk to me. I don’t want you to feel pressure about having to be intimate with me, or any of us for that matter.”
“Zane thinks it’s a temporary reaction to the stress of the detox. I have four husbands I love with all my heart. I want to restore what we all shared. I felt like I couldn’t do that unless I could also be intimate with each of you. I know there’s more to this than just sex, but—”
“A lot more,” Adam stopped Deuce’s words, placing a finger over his partner’s lips.
For a moment neither man spoke, as Adam looked deeply into Deuce’s eyes. Everything he needed to see was present in his lover’s stare. He silently wondered why the five of them couldn’t make it work.
“I also should have told you about L.T, but I didn’t want to hurt you anymore. I wanted to try and bear that burden for as long as I could, in the hopes I could help him. He’s really messed up, Adam.”
“I know,” Adam felt tears forming in his eyes. Instead, he closed his lids tightly, stifling the display of emotion.
“Are you sure you’re all right with what Zane wants?” Deuce asked.
Adam felt his partner’s fingers lightly caressing his forearm.
“Are you?” Adam countered.
“I don’t know. I mean, I think I am,” Deuce replied, sighing. “Sometimes, I feel like the five us are running like confused mice in some type of experiment. We’re caught in a maze, but can’t get out. We take a few steps one way, and then we find ourselves back at where we started.”
“I know I’ve always taken the lead in making decisions for this family.”
“I know that, golden boy.”
“There’s a part of me that wants to try Zane’s suggestion, but I don’t want it to change what we share. Despite our problems, I feel closer to you now than I ever have, Deuce. I love you so very much.”
Watching as Deuce walked to the door and locked the doorknob, Adam knew what they had started in Zane’s bed earlier that afternoon was going to be finished. Zane’s suggestion of a ménage would have to wait, because right now, he felt his lover’s arms pulling him close.

Adult Excerpt:
“Zane!” Jamie moaned.
“That’s right, James. While I get you opened up, Adam is going to straddle my face and put his cock in my mouth. Adam, do you want me to suck your dick?”
Adam had begun to rub his own cock as he watched the erotic play forming before his eyes. He felt Deuce swat him on the ass, as he positioned himself over Zane’s upper chest. While he rested both his knees on the bed, his dick went flush with Zane’s face. Then Adam’s head went back in pleasure as he felt the warm heat of Zane’s mouth sucking his entire length.
“Zane, finger-fuck me good!” Jamie moaned.
Zane’s other hand was now rubbing Adam’s sac, as the front man felt the doctor’s fingers tenderly caressing each of his nuts.
“Don’t stop,” Adam whimpered, as Zane pulled back for just a second.
“Sweetheart, I have got to tell our other two husbands what to do. They want this commitment, too.”
“Mmm…Zane!” Jamie cried.
“I still make the decisions for us in this house, Zane Foster,” Adam spoke breathless.
“That you do, Adam, but right now I’m in control.”
“Oh holy shit, Zane, that feels good!”
Zane’s fingers were continuously rubbing his groin, as his sac swelled, tight against his body.
“Adam, look at our two husbands over there,” Zane whispered.
Adam turned his head to see Deuce lying between L.T.’s legs on the king-sized bed. The couple was French kissing, as their tongues danced wildly in each other’s mouths.
“Sweetheart, James is almost ready for me to penetrate him, and then we’re going to get Deuce and L.T. to join us.”
Adam closed his eyes, as he felt his heart beating hard inside his chest. His skin tingled, as he listened to the sounds filling the room. His own whimpers were mixing with Jamie’s cries of pleasure, as he heard the groans of the couple lying beside him.
“James, slowly slide down my dick,” Zane said. “Surrender to me.”
Adam tried to look over his shoulder because he wanted to see Jamie’s expression.
“Look at me, Adam. James will make enough noise to arouse all of us.”
When Adam turned his face back to Zane, he saw the arousal in the doctor’s eyes.
“L.T. and Deuce, stop making out over there, and become a part of this commitment,” Zane whispered. “Adam, there’s enough room for your Dom to straddle me, too, and put his dick inside you, don’t you think?”
Adam saw Zane toss the lube to L.T., and within a matter of seconds, he felt the drummer’s breath warm on his neck. He let his head fall back against his husband, as L.T. began to kiss their secret spot on his shoulder.
“Whimper all you want, sub,” L.T. whispered in his ear. “Zane is going to have your cock buried so deep within his mouth, while I get you ready to take me. No one knows about our spot except us. I’m sure other secrets will be shared between lovers tonight, too.”
“Are you aroused, hot rocker boy?” Zane asked Deuce.
“Don’t make me wait anymore, Daddy,” Deuce replied.
Adam turned his head again to see Deuce rubbing his cock, while the entire shaft glistened with pre-cum.
“Dammit, I need to be made love to!” Jamie moaned.
“We will…all of us to each other,” Zane responded. “Damn. Damn. Damn. I cannot believe how aroused I am right now! Adam is right, you are one tight little bitch, James.”
“You said that about me, Adam?” Jamie asked, breathless.
“He did not have to, James. I have heard him making love to you. Next, you are to allow Deuce to touch you.”
“I don’t know—”
“James,” Zane interrupted, “let your husband touch you. I have more than just a ménage planned. Adam is reconnecting to L.T. So, you need to show Deuce what is in your heart, because I see it written all over your face every time you see him.”
“Adam?” Jamie asked.
“Little bitch, do what the doctor asks, he’s only trying to help us.”
Adam saw Deuce moving behind them, as he imagined the tenderness in his hands for Jamie. He could almost feel Deuce’s touch, even though the guitarist’s hands were nowhere on his body. Instead, two of L.T.’s fingers were inside Adam, pumping him gently.
“Zane, there’s a black bag in my nightstand,” L.T. said. “Can you reach it?”
“Adam is blushing, Lemmuel,” Zane said.
“He always flushes when he’s aroused. He’s got this conversation we have, too. I listen while his heart submits to me in high-pitched whimpers.”
“Adam,” Jamie said seductively, “does moan like a bitch.”
“Shut up, bitch!” Adam spoke playfully.
“Candy cane,” L.T. said, “hush and concentrate on Zane’s cock up your ass, and Deuce’s hands on your body.”
“David, you are the man of my dreams, now let James know he is the man of yours,” Zane said.
Adam felt Zane’s lips back around his dick, as he heard the hum of L.T’s prostate massager. He gasped, when he felt the device being inserted inside his anal cavity.
“I love you, sub,” L.T whispered. “Zane’s making you feel good, too. The moaning you hear is Jamie giving his heart to Deuce again. God, that sounds so good!”
“Sweet boy, I love you,” Deuce crooned to Jamie.
“Tell us what Deuce is doing to you, James?” Zane asked.
 “His hands are all over my body…including my cock,” Jamie replied.
“We have figured out the physical part of loving as a ménage à cinq, I want us to experience the emotional part of this commitment,” Zane spoke again.
Not only was Zane still rubbing Adam’s sack, but L.T. was checking the smooth area of flesh between his sac and entry. His husband always rubbed his fingers over the skin before penetrating him.
“Sub, you’re more than ready to take me,” L.T. whispered into Adam’s ear.