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Bella Settarra - Menage on Moone Mountain

Menage on Moone Mountain by Bella Settarra

Her legs can run, but her heart can’t hide…
Doms, Travis Beaumont and Kent Freeman, enjoy a loving relationship on Moone Mountain.  When Travis finds a beautiful young girl, calling herself Brooke Adams, unconscious in a ravine, both men fall for her.  Having almost given up on their dream of adding a submissive girl to their 'family' to make a ménage relationship, Kent is primarily skeptical.
    Kent's worries increase when she sees him dressed in leathers and wielding a singletail whip in his playroom.  Could her fears be linked to the scars and welts which Travis noticed on her body?  She refuses to tell them much about herself, although her nightmares and scars are a sure indication that the girl’s in big trouble.
    Terrified, Brooke rushes off, intending to leave town, but is persuaded by one of the ranch hands to stay at the hotel for the night until the storm passes.  While Kent and Travis worry about her, and try to figure out how to get her back, Brooke discovers more about the BDSM lifestyle    The guys find her in the local BDSM Club, where her impression of them alters and she is obviously attracted to them.  But Kent asks questions again and they lose their chance to ask her out before the local billionaire's son approaches her.
    How can they compete with a billionaire, and is there any hope of ever reconciling their relationship with Brooke now that she’s found someone else, anyhow?  
    When it is later disclosed that Kent Freeman is the local Deputy Sheriff, it seems like the last straw for Brooke, especially when she discovers that he has found out about her past and the real reason she is on the run.  Can she ever trust them again? And when disaster strikes at the ranch, how can they ever stop her from leaving town?

            “Now you and I both know you’re way overdue some punishment, don’t we?”  he murmured into her ear. 
            A cold chill ran through her whole body.
            “Don’t we?” he snapped.
            She remained stoic.  She knew him.  He was like a petulant child when he didn’t get what he wanted.  Well, she was darned if she was going to give him what he wanted now.
He grunted angrily as he pulled her head up by the hair, tipping it back slightly.  “I asked you a question, slut!”
Her eyes were forced to face the window and her heart leaped.  Two shadows were poised in the darkness and she would recognize their physiques anywhere.  Kent’s calm demeanour gave her strength and she gazed at his gun which pointed right at the bastard behind her.  Travis’s determined jaw was clenched and he too had his gun ready with Chad West in his sights.
Chad tugged at her hair again and pain seared her head once more.  Feeling weak and woozy, she forced herself to think straight as she clenched her teeth to keep from yelling.  Her mind whirled with hope—all she had to do was get the fucker far enough away from her to enable them a clear shot.
The bastard was getting more antsy by the minute.  She refused to play his game and it irked the hell out of him.  She was becoming so debilitated that it would be virtually impossible to speak to him now, anyway.
Eventually Chad took the knife and sized it up against her soft throat, which was hardly pulsating at all now. Nothing.
“I know what’ll get your blood pumping.” He snarled as he reached over her and grabbed the single tail from the table.  He waved it menacingly in front of her face, still holding the knife to her throat.
“What do you think, slut?  Don’t you want to kiss your old friend?”  Chad swung the tail lightly across her face, tormenting her with the potential hell he could leash on her at any minute.  Brooke held her breath, determined not to make a sound, and hoping that he couldn’t read the expression on her face.  He huffed in disappointed exasperation.  “Fuck this!” 
She wasn’t sure whether he had given up on the idea of using the whip, or if he planned to use it while she hung from that dang rope.  She watched tentatively, still holding her breath, as he looked around. Brooke knew he’d need to put the chair in position so he could lift her high enough to get her neck through the noose. She could feel his cold eyes staring down at her lifeless body in his arms. When she still wouldn’t respond to his taunts, he simply let go of her and she plummeted unceremoniously onto the hard wooden floor.

“I’m going to have that pretty pink ass of yours later,” he promised her as he came to stand in her line of vision.
A flame seared through her body at the thought of it, and she stared up at his gorgeous face. As Travis unfastened her hand, Kent took his position behind her, heeling off his boots and kicking off his Levis. He gripped her hips, keeping her firmly in position.
She felt his thick cock nudging at the mouth of her sopping-wet pussy, and he glided into her. He stilled for a moment, allowing her to become accustomed to his heaving girth before her thrust hard and long, causing her to moan deliciously.
Travis had unzipped his fly and allowed his huge member to spring free. His cockhead gave her a wet kiss as he neared her lips, and she licked at his juices eagerly before devouring his massive cock in her hot mouth. Travis’s cock tasted quite salty as she slurped and sucked at it. She swiped her tongue up and down its lengthy shaft, staring up at his lustful face. His eyes were hooded and he clenched his teeth, trying to maintain control of his body. With her free hand, Brooke pumped at his column, sucking hard at the delicious pre-cum that dripped into her welcoming mouth. She heard Travis gasp as she grabbed his hip for support, taking every inch of his swollen cock into her burning mouth and down her gaping throat. Luckily she had no gagging reflex and was able to take either of her men just as they liked it, much to their untold delight.
She could feel Kent gouging a hot trail through to her womb, his heaving thrusts conveying his mounting passion as she pushed back against him. He released one of his hands to tickle her clit as his vast member grazed deliciously over her sensitive G-spot. Sensations soared with every movement he made. Her nerve endings jangled as he pulled back and then thrust forward until his balls slapped noisily against her.
The room smelled of sex, sweat, and their individual scents, while the sounds of slurping, moans, and flesh-on-flesh filled the air. Their grunts and shrieks became louder, the mere sound a delectable aphrodisiac to one another.
The fire ripped through Brooke’s body and she screamed around Travis’s huge cock. The vibrations at the back of her throat were enough to unhinge him, and he yelled as he came in massive bursts, flooding her with his cream. Brooke didn’t waste a drop of his burning nectar and swallowed greedily as it flowed down her open throat. Kent couldn’t hold on any longer and let go with a deep guttural grunt as his seed swamped her enticing womb. He thrust over and over as the deluge emptied from his enormous cock.


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