Saturday, September 20, 2014

Book Piracy

Before I became an author I didn't think that much about pirating, but I have learned a lot since my first ebook was pirated.

Each week I send 'Take Down' notices to various websites - and there are thousands - where I find any of my ebooks available illegally.  I waste at least half a day of my time doing searches then sending out notices.

Today I found another 5 sites with 3 of my ebooks, so sent off the official DCMA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) take down request. 

On each page that gives ebook information and the download link they also show the number of downloads of the file in the past 7 days.  So in just 7 days over 11,000 copies of my ebooks were illegally downloaded from just 5 sites - that's thousands and thousands more than have been legally bought!

That equates to over $20,000 - that's a lot of money that I don't get!

In fact I will be lucky if I earn a quarter of that figure in twelve months! 

There are even FB and Yahoo groups who boast about 'lending' ebooks! They don't believe they are doing anything illegal and are angry at authors for complaining.

No matter how you word it, you are stealing. You are a 'pirate', a thief!

Many of my author friends, myself included, are getting fed up with fighting against these people who think that downloading one ebook illegally won't hurt us. Guess what?  It does!

Next time you decided to download a ebook that you have not paid for - you are downloading it illegally - think about the author you are stealing from.

For most authors writing is secondary, we have full time jobs. Most authors cannot afford to write full time.  Yet you think it is okay to steal from them. 

Remember you are taking money that pays my bills, pays for my food, pays for my clothes. I may just as well hand over my bank details - you are stealing my wage! 

We wouldn't come into your workplace and steal from you - YET YOU THINK IT IS ALL RIGHT TO STEAL FROM US!

Would you go into a book shop and steal a book off the shelf? No. Yet you steal every time you download an ebook. 

It's exactly the same thing - book shop or download - it is STEALING!

Over the past few weeks myself and many of my author friends have been taking action. We have reported FB groups, Yahoo groups - those members have been reported, not only to FB and Yahoo but to the FBI for book piracy.

I'm sorry - but you have to know what you are doing is illegal. If you didn't pay for it - you stole it!

All books including ebooks have a copyright. If you are caught uploading, transferring, selling, copying or sharing an ebook you can gaoled for up to 5 years and be fined $250,000!

You think one ebook doesn't matter?

I've got news for you - many authors are fed up!  

Many authors are thinking 'I'm not going to give away free ebooks as prizes because people are then giving them away to all their friends'. Many authors are thinking 'why should we bother to write'? Many authors are thinking - 'I quit.'

What will you do then? What will you do when your many of your favourite authors stop writing because you chose to illegally download their ebooks?

Help us stop book piracy!

Share the titles of books with your friends, not the ebooks.

If you see ebooks being offered illegally - let the publisher or the author know and we can take appropriate action to close down the site.

Say 'NO' to anyone offering you a free copy of an ebook unless it is the author.

Be a friend to authors not an enemy.

Remember - 
I don't steal from you, don't steal from me!

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