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A Hunter's Challenge by Suzy Shearer

By Suzy Shearer
Book three of The Hunters

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[Siren Allure: Erotic Paranormal Romance, shape-shifters, vampires, HEA]
Anthanasius (Anthan) Vaduva has been alive too long. After more than four and half millennia, he had given up any hope of meeting his One and is tempted to walk into the sun.
Reluctantly agreeing to partner with Martin, another hunter, Anthan comes face to face with his pain and envy when Martin meets his One.
After helping Martin recover his One’s sister who has been taken by a strigoi, Anthan decides he’d had enough.
Will he finally end it all or will he wait and hope to finally meet the One destined for him all those thousands of years ago?


For 4,482 years he has hunted, he has slept—that’s it. His first hunt was when he was eleven years old. Now he is 4,493.
Too old.
Too long.
Too lonely.
That has been his life.
Early on, he used to dream, he used to hope but that hope has long gone. The temptation to walk into the sun is with him constantly.
Do you know? He reveals, I stay out longer and longer each day. The pain from the sun on my body is all that reminds me that I am still alive. Each time I rise I wonder if it will be the day I finally take one risk too many.
So he fights against those risks.
To stay that extra minute too long in the sun.
To drop his guard intentionally when he fights the strigoi.
At the moment he still constantly wages war with the strigoi but at the same time he also constantly wages it within himself. No one should have to live this long alone. He is  afraid that if he were ever to meet his One, he could never return the love given. All his emotions are lost so deeply within that he doubt they even exist anymore. In fact, he has reach a point where he doesn’t think it would be fair to her or him—to love someone who could not love in return.
So now he thinks maybe it’s better to end it all now.
What chance does he have?
Yet once again he rises.
Once again he hunts.
Once again he battles within his heart and soul. Each day passes, each one the same—as the millennia flow past him.
And each time he wakes he wonders who will win this day, this month, this year, this century?
He confesses to himself, How much longer can I do this?

* * * *

Martin walked in and kissed Avril’s cheeks.
 Live şi lupta cu onoarea, Avril.”
“ Live şi lupta cu onoarea, Martin.”
“Come sit. It’s good to see you.”
“You look even more beautiful Avril, a Hunter’s life suits you.”
“Thank you. It’s good to see you again, Martin.”
She led him to a comfortable chair on the balcony overlooking the distant mountains. She and Viorel were living in their house in Piteşti, Romania. Viorel walked in, Martin stood and greeted him.
 Live şi lupta cu onoarea, Viorel.”
 Live şi lupta cu onoarea, Martin.”
Martin sat back down on the chair. Viorel sat nearby, pulling a smiling Avril onto his lap and kissing her cheek.
“How were your parents?”
“They’re both good.” Martin shook his head wryly. “My mother is talking about having another child and my Dad thinks she is crazy but in the end she’ll win.”
“Knowing your mother I’d have to agree. Did you visit your relations as well?”
“Yeah I spent a week with my great uncle, at least that’s what I call him.”
Martin grinned to himself when he thought about the old man. He was a descendant of Martin’s father’s brother. He was in his late eighties and complained he was getting older. He would call Martin by his true name, Omasekew, which meant “a fighter” in Cree. The old man would make Martin do things for him, telling the others that Martin had young feet while his were so ancient. Martin loved it.
The old man knew the truth and the pair laughed together when they were alone. To Martin “Uncle” was a baby. Only a few members of the tribe knew what Martin really was. Many thought he was a piyêsiw, a “thunderbird,” sent to watch over them. It made sense as he would often arrive as a bird and had destroyed a strigoi that had been preying on the people using a lightning bolt. They believed his father had married a piyêsiw-iskwêw “thunderbird woman” and that was how Martin came to be.
“The old man looks so frail. The tribe look up to him, I know it will be hard for them when he leaves. It will be hard for me and Dad.”
It saddened him to leave knowing the old one would not live for many more years.
“That’s the worst part of being a Hunter, losing so many friends and relations over the eons,” Viorel said sadly. “And it just doesn’t get any easier with the passing years either.”
The two men sat thoughtfully, both lost in thoughts of family and friends long gone. Avril wondered how she would cope when her mother passed. She didn’t have any other family alive and her mother meant the world to her.
They were all silent for a while, relaxing in the early evening twilight. The sun had set over the distant Ciucaş Mountains. Viorel broke their reverie.
“That strigoi in Smokey Hills was rather active wasn’t it?”

She opened her eyes and looked into his. Nervously she stretched her hands behind her back and unclasped her brassiere. She pushed the straps off her shoulders and it fell forward. Her magnificent breasts fell free.
Anthan stared.
They were amazing, full and plump and ripe. He reached out to run his hand across them. The nipples pebbled even harder. He marvelled. Her breasts were so soft but the nipples so hard. He wanted to taste them. He sat up and leant forward to breathe in her fragrance. He ran a line of kisses down her throat until he reached the swell.
Carefully he took on pebbled point into his mouth. He rolled it around his tongue then he sucked it. He was rewarded by Erica’s moan. With his hand, he began to massage the other breast, playing with its peak. Erica’s hand moved to his head and held him tightly against her breasts. He continued to lave the nipple in his mouth with his tongue. All the while his cock felt harder and harder, till it hurt.
Erica dropped her hand from his head and Anthan stopped sucking. He sat back a little and looked at her. Her face was flushed and she was panting slightly.
“Anthan.” Breathlessly she spoke, her face blushed. “I… um…I’ve never been with anyone. I’m not sure...” she stammered nervously.
Anthan couldn’t stop the silly grin on his face. She looked worried. He leant forward and kissed her then took a breath.
“Neither have I.”
Her eyes widened as she took in what he said.
“We can learn together.”
Erica threw herself into his arms. Then pulled back and jumped off the bed. She quickly stripped off blushing even more then grabbing the blankets slid underneath into his arms. He removed his clothes quickly, in the way of all Hunters.
He kissed her again and again. His heart was singing. He could feel his love for her growing with every passing second and that wasn’t the only thing growing.
His cock was so hard, he was worried. Was this normal?
Erica turned slightly in his arms and her leg brushed against it. He couldn’t stop his groan. She grinned wickedly and he almost jumped when he felt her hand wrap around it.
“Oh my god, Anthan!”
She lifted the covers and peered down.
“How on earth will that fit?”
He laughed.
“I have no idea.”
He latched onto the nipple that was closest to his mouth, delighting when it pebbled even more. He squeezed her breast, she moaned so he sucked a little harder.
“Oh more yes.”
He bit it gently and was surprised when she screamed softly. He stopped, sure he’d hurt her.
“No.” She panted. “Want more, harder.”
He obliged. Rolling the nipple between his teeth and using his tongue, he teased at it then bit down. The hand on his cock tightened. He wanted more so he drop his hand down to nestle between her legs. She moved them apart slightly. He tangled his fingers in the hair. All the while, he kept sucking and biting.
She was so wet. He rubbed his fingers up and down, then found a hard pebble. He concentrated his efforts on it and Erica screamed in pleasure. He dropped the nipple from his mouth. Anthan wanted to see more. He pushed her onto her back and wriggled down the bed, throwing the covers aside.
He spread her legs wider and settled between them. Using one hand he pulled aside the reddened lips and marvelled at how wet she was. The aroma of her arousal was driving him a little crazy. He looked at the hardened nub and bent forward to lick then suck it.
Erica whispered, “Ah. Oh yes.” She shouted, “Fuck yes!”
He kept sucking at it then used his fingers to rub up and down before pushing them between the lips and into her hot channel. He felt Erica clamp down on his fingers and then she seemed to hold herself tight. She screamed a drawn out shout of his name.
He felt her muscles spasming on his fingers and knew she had come. It wasn’t enough, he wanted more. He wanted to be inside her. Pushing his fingers against her clit, she was still moaning so he knelt between her legs.
Holding his cock against the entrance to her, he began to rub it up and down. Then he pushed it gently against the barrier. He didn’t want to hurt Erica, so he kept his fingers caressing her clit. He leant his head down to take one nipple in his mouth, sucking and nibbling at it as he pushed his cock inside her.
She gave a gasp of pain. He stopped.
She pleaded. “Don’t stop.”
He was unsure but he felt Erica lift her buttocks slightly, opening her legs wider, so he pushed a little more. He felt the barrier tear as her breath was coming in little gasps.
She cried in pain then shouted as he got his cock deeper and deeper into her.
“Oh god yes Anthan!”
Anthan thrust slowly in. He felt her sheath widen as he entered, slowly he moved forward until his cock was seated deep within her. He began to thrust in and out. Her nails were in his back. He wanted to come but he wanted her to as well.
He pulled out a little way then push slowly back in. She pleaded with him.
“Harder, please harder. Oh.”

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The Tin Man's Heart by Cree Storm

I was born in Fort Knox, Kentucky but I have lived in Las Cruces, New Mexico for over 30 years. I’m an animal lover, I like to rescue them if possible, and find them a home. I really like cooking. Being from an Italian family I guess it’s in our blood. I am divorced, but I have two sons that are the light of my life. My family and friends are very important to me. I would do everything for them. I met my fiancée online, on facebook, while playing poker of all places…hahahaha…our first encounter was actually an argument heheheh… but I am now with him for 18 months and I couldn’t be happier.

Blurb :
After a meteor attack a group of men are brought together by the World Council called MYSTIC. MYSTIC is a group of men with multiple powers known as celestials. They are only brought in to deal with Nefariouses, men with powers used for their own evil, twisted purpose.

Maxim is a MYSTIC agent. He can change the weather, shoot fire, and even turn into metal. He fears very little, until he meets his mate, Quade Sanders.

Quade Sanders is renowned. He has saved hundreds of lives with his gifts of clairvoyance, precognitive abilities, and mind-reading capabilities. However, Quade's inability to use those gifts on Max makes understanding why Max refuses to actually mate with him not just confusing, but painful.

Someone is using video games to rape and kill, and Quade and Max must try and help find the killer before he can strike again.

Excerpt :
Maxim drove to the last murder location with Quade next to him. Neither had said a word since Bram ordered them to go check things out and see if Quade could pick up on anything there.

Maxim still couldn't believe that Quade had switched rooms. Not just changing from their connecting rooms, but going all the way to another wing.

“Quade,” Maxim started to say.

“I don't want to talk about it now, Maxim,” Quade said sadly.

Maxim growled a little to himself and then said, “Quade, I know we're mates—”

Quade interrupted him yet again. “I said I don't want to talk about it right now.”

“Quade, damn it...” Maxim ground out.

Quade turned in his seat to face Maxim and his voice turned stern. “Maxim, you have every right to determine who is going to share in your life. Just because fate said we are mates doesn't mean you just have to accept it.”

“But Quade...” Max tried again.

Quade continued as if Maxim hadn't interrupted. “I know that it would be hard to be mated to a man that can read people's minds, see what they are going to do, and see what they already did. I accept that I'm meant to be alone and I will learn to deal with it.”

Maxim reached their location and stopped as Quade opened his door right away. “We are going to end up teamed up when we have to check out a scene because, mate or not, you are still the only one that can mute things for me so it isn't so bad.”

Quade got out and slammed the door. He walked to the tape and went under it. Maxim followed quickly but wasn't fast enough to stop Quade from picking up a button.

Quade's teeth clenched and he dropped to the ground. Maxim grabbed him before Quade hit his head and listened as Quade spoke in a monotone voice. “He's in his room...writing...he is writing fast.”

“Who's writing?” Maxim asked as he held Quade close to his chest.

“Misty...Misty is writing...He's so fast,” Quade said in the same monotone voice.

Quade jerked as he said, “There's a knock...Misty is afraid...he's walking towards the door.”

“Who is it?” Misty asked nervously.

“It's Gram,” came a voice from the other side.

Misty ran to his table and took his notebook as he yelled, “Just a minute.”

Misty took the book and went to his mattress and unzipped it. Shoving the book inside, he started to refasten it when there was a banging at the door. “Misty, open the door!” Gram bellowed.

Misty straightened the bed as best he could as he stuttered, “I–I'm c–coming.”

Going to the door, Misty released the locks and started opening the door when it was shoved open.

Gram stormed in, dragging his right leg, growling. “I need you now!”

Misty backed up saying, “Gram I'm kinda busy right now I—”

Gram grabbed Misty by the arm as he snarled, “I have to have you now!”

Misty was turned and thrown onto the bed as Gram limped toward him. There was a large hole in the back of Gram's head and blood was flowing out. His ankle was twisted far to the right and clearly broken. However, with a strength no natural human could have, Gram ripped Misty's pants to shreds and jerked down his fly.

“Gram please, I can't do this! Gram...” Misty begged as he was shoved forward and Gram aligned his hard cock to Misty's hole, grabbing Misty's hips. “Gram...”

“Damn it Quade snap the fuck out of it!” Maxim screamed as he shook Quade hard.

Quade blinked his eyes open whispering, “What...What...happened?”

Maxim was furious as he said, “You fucking picked up a button before I could get here! You went into a trance and I damn near couldn't pull you the fuck out!”

Quade took his hand and cupped the side of Maxim's face, saying softly, “I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking.”

Maxim dropped his head onto the top of Quade's and squeezed him close. “I hate when this happens to you. You become the victim and you go through what they did and...”

“Hey...Hey, I'm okay,” Quade soothed.

“I can't stand it when you suffer,” Maxim whispered.

“I'm sorry. I screwed up,” Quade said softly, “It won't happen again.”

Sitting up slowly, Quade said, “But I have something.”

Maxim stood up and wiped himself down as he said, “What?”

Making his way to the car, Quade said, “Remember when Patch said that Misty was an automatic writing Animator?”

Maxim got in and buckled up as he said, “Yeah, so?”

Turning to look at Maxim, Quade said, “Well he was more than that.”

Growling, Maxim snapped, “Would you just spit it out!”

Quade gave Maxim an impatient look. “Misty was an automatic writer, but it wasn't just gibberish he wrote. He was psychic. We need to go to his house.”

Maxim started the car and put it in gear. “His house? The cops already combed that place.”

“Yeah well, they missed something,” Quade said as he sat forward.

Maxim started driving as he asked, “So if he was psychic, why wasn't he registered as such?”

Shrugging his shoulders, Quade answered, “Maybe he didn't know. Maybe he didn't want others to know. I really can't tell you that. What I can tell you is that Misty was psychic.”

“So he was like you in a way?” Maxim said.

Quade gave a half nod as he said, “Kind of, yeah. However, he couldn't touch things and see them or read minds. It's like a compulsion to write. The thing is that what he wrote was what was to come or what had been in the past.”

Adult Excerpt :
Maxim smiled at Quade as he realized his mate was right. He was overthinking this altogether and they needed to just feel the connection and go from there.

Maxim removed his hand as he continued to look into Quade's eyes, and removed his own shirt and unsnapped his pants as he whispered, “I want to kiss, touch, and taste every part of your body.”

Taking Quade's shirt, he slowly pulled it over his head as Max knelt down on the floor and kissed each exposed piece of flesh, smiling as he saw the goose bumps forming on his mate’s skin.

Maxim felt Quade place his hands on his shoulders and couldn't help his own shiver that coursed through his body as he then took Quade's right nipple into his mouth, suckling and gently nibbling at the tender, beaded bud.

Quade gasped and moved his hands to Maxim's hair, pulling max tighter to his nipple as he whimpered in pleasure.

Humming his own pleasure as his mate’s taste covered his tongue, Maxim took his tongue and trailed it to the other side and gave the left nipple the attention it so deserved as he unsnapped and unzipped Quade's pants.

Pulling back slightly, Maxim began to take Quade's pants and boxer-briefs off in one motion. A growl escaped Max's throat as Quade's beautiful, smooth, hard cock flapped out and back to Quade's abdomen.

Max looked up at Quade's face for a moment and saw the reddened cheeks making him say in a gravelly voice, “You are so beautiful. I never want you to be embarrassed in my presence. Especially when it comes to you showing me your delectable body.”

Taking his hands, Max slowly and sensually rubbed them up and down Quade's hairless chest, and not being able to stand it another minute, Max took his tongue and ran it over the tip of Quade's hard, leaking cock.

The flavors of his mate burst on Maxim's tongue, making him moan and wrap his lips around the purple head of that tasty treat and suck his mate down until Quade's hard shaft was touching the back of his throat.

“Oh shit! Max!” Quade squealed as his knees began to buckle.

Maxim grabbed Quade by his sides and lifted him up and onto the bed, never taking his mouth off of his mate’s cock. He draped Quade's legs over his shoulder as Quade continued to pull on Max's hair, causing fluids to leak out of his own hard shaft.

Rising and falling on Quade's shaft, Maxim sucked and gently ran his teeth along the sides, making Quade wiggle and moan nonsense.

Maxim took his own shaft in hand and began to stroke himself to the same rhythm as he sucked on Quade and then with the other hand he clasped Quade's orbs in his hands and rolled them in his palms.

“Max, I'm gonna come...” Quade panted.

Smiling with Quade's hard shaft still in his mouth, Maxim sucked harder as he squeezed just a little bit more on the balls in his hand. Suddenly Quade's delicious essence shot down his throat, making Max seal his mouth harder so he didn't miss a drop as he heard Quade screaming his name.

Jerking on his cock twice more, Maxim soon followed his little mate into endorphin bliss, grunting in pleasure.

As Quade panted, Maxim took his own essence and began to push his finger into his mate’s tight, wrinkled hole saying, “I am going to stretch you nicely and then I am going to replace my fingers with my shaft.”

Quade's head was going from side to side as he panted, “Yes...Yes I want you to make me yours.”

Maxim stood up, never taking his finger from Quade as he leaned to the side drawer and opened it. Finding a bottle of lube he hoped would be there, Maxim smiled down at Quade and said, “Baby, you have been mine since the day I first saw you in the meeting room.”

Quade's eyes began to mist as he said, “Well, let's make it official anyway.”

Maxim laughed as he added a bit of lube to his other finger and pushed it in alongside the other. “Yes, Quade. Let's make this official.”

Maxim scissored his finger as he leaned down and kissed Quade's lips.

When Maxim felt Quade lifting and pushing to meet his thrusts, he took that opportunity to add a third finger. When Quade tensed a bit, Maxim stopped his movements for a moment until Quade began to push against him once more.

“Please, Maxim, don't stop. I'm fine,” Quade huffed out.

Maxim placed his face in the crook of Quade's neck as he panted, “I don't want to hurt you.”

Quade pulled his neck back a little and clasped Max's face in his hands. Once Maxim was looking at him, Quade said, “I want you, Maxim. It is going to hurt a little my first time and I am prepared for that. The thing is, when all is said and done, this will be the best experience in my life because it's with you and we will finally be mated.”

Maxim looked into Quade's eyes for a few more moments and then nodded as he stood and removed the rest of his clothing and then returned to his mate.

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The White Witch’s Legacy 3: Saige by Kelsie Belle

The White Witch’s Legacy 3: Saige


Kelsie Belle
AVAILABLE: Tuesday, March 17th
This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, March 24th
[Siren Classic: Erotic Paranormal Romance, shape-shifters, witches, HEA]
Haunted by the curse of a tormented past, Damien Thorn doesn't believe love and a happily-ever-after is in the cards for him. A witch hunter and slayer who despises everything that has to do with witchcraft, he finds himself in a very uncomfortable situation when he has to help his adopted brother find his mate's sister, who happens to be a witch. Soon, just a sniff of Saige Callahan's peculiar scent has him panting after her and wanting things he vowed he would never want from any witch. Never did he expect to be drawn to her the way he is and he's determined to stay away from her, even if it killed him. 
One look at Thorn's luscious physique has Saige convinced that she has to have him, even if it's just for one night. 
But how can she even get close to him if he's determined to hate her at all costs? 
Can she cast a spell on this jaded shifter to make him see that all witches weren't created equal?

Story Excerpt

A sudden movement in the bushes made her snap back to reality with a little jump. Biting back the sudden pang of fear, she forced herself to remain still and listen for a moment, but she didn’t hear the peculiar sound again. She expelled a breath of relief, realizing that her mind was probably playing tricks on her. In any case, it was perhaps time to get out of the water now. God only knew how long she’d been in here already. She hurriedly made her way to the riverbank, drying off and dressing in record time. But as she was gathering her belongings, she suddenly heard the movement in the bushes again.
Another jolt of fear coursed through her, and she had to force herself to tamp it down. It was probably just an animal passing by, or maybe the tree branches rustling in the breeze. Absolutely nothing to be afraid of. She hurriedly began to make her way back to the campsite, moving her feet as fast as she could and looking about her wildly despite her efforts to remain calm. She was still several feet away from the cabin when a low growling made her stop dead in her tracks.
Fear made her throat constrict like a closed-off tunnel when she noticed a pair of gleaming amber eyes peering at her through the darkness. The rumbling growl sounded again, louder this time, and then the owner of the eyes began moving closer toward her. The crunching of leaves under the creature’s feet resounded in her ears like firecrackers. She could tell it was advancing on her, but she still couldn’t make out its figure in the dim moonlight. She had no idea what it was, couldn’t decide whether she should turn and run or stand her ground and try to fight it off.
Instinctively she began moving backward, calculating her best options for escape as she did so. At that moment, the animal made a sudden pounce, and she finally got to see what it was in a thin glimmer of the moonlight—a humongous black cat. Shocked, she opened her mouth to scream, but no sound escaped. Without another thought, she spun on her heels and made to run in the opposite direction, but before she made even one step, the cat was in front of her again. What the hell? Is there more than one of them?
“Stay back!” she yelled, crouching to find something on the ground to defend herself.
The cat just growled again and began stalking toward her once more.
“Shoo! Get out of here!” she tried again, waving a stick she’d picked up. Still it came at her.
She backed up some more, inching away from the animal as cold dread settled in her stomach. Soon her back was pressed up against the trunk of a large tree, and the cat was right in front of her, its amber eyes piercing her in the darkness. What the hell was she going to do now? This creature could tear her to pieces in less than a minute.
“Nice kitty,” she whispered, her voice shaking under the stress of her fear. “Are you hungry? I ha-have food…W-would you like something to eat?” God, I must have lost my mind! Talking to a wild animal like it was a house pet was definitely sheer insanity.
Just when she thought it wasn’t possible for her to be any more petrified, the animal suddenly began shaking, and then something completely unbelievable happened—it transformed into a very large man right before her eyes. Saige’s heart immediately jumped from her chest to her throat, blocking off the scream she desperately wanted to let out.
The man cocked his head to one side, his amber eyes gleaming in the moonlight just like the black cat’s had, and whispered, “Don’t you know it’s not safe for little girls to go off into the woods all by themselves?”
That was the last thing Saige heard before she crumpled to the ground in a dead faint.

Adult Excerpt:
Within seconds, he closed the distance between them without even using his supernatural speed. He got to her just as she pushed the door to the cabin and made her way inside. He was right behind her, reaching for her arm and kicking the door shut with a resounding thud. Saige yelped and spun around in surprise, clearly unaware that he was so close. Not giving her a chance to recover, Thorn caught her to him, his strong arms holding her steady so she wouldn’t fall. Their eyes met and held, and in an instant, he could see an echo of the lust that had been plaguing him, swimming in her gorgeous hazel-brown gaze. The beast almost roared with satisfaction.
“I want you,” he told her, his voice a rough, grating whisper.
She gasped, her eyes going wide for a moment before her brows knitted in obvious confusion. He watched her throat work as she swallowed hard several times before she was able to speak. “Um…wh-what?”
He lowered his forehead so it was resting against hers, running his hands up and down her arms as he did so. “You heard me. I’ve wanted you from the second I got a whiff of your scent back in Crest Hill. I’ve never wanted anyone the way I want you. Dammit, woman, I need to have you.”
“B-but you said…I…I th-thought…” Her words came out in fits and starts, her puzzlement making it impossible to express her thoughts coherently. Thorn knew that he’d taken her by surprise, but at least she wasn’t saying no. God knew he would probably die if she did.
“Forget what I said,” he replied, his hot breath fanning her face as he pulled her even closer. “Forget everything except here and now. Except this.” Then his mouth was on hers, claiming her in a branding kiss that was both tender and forceful at the same time. He pushed his tongue into her mouth, licking into the hot, sweet depths as if his life depended on it. Leaning against the door for support, he let his hands slide down to cup her plush backside, crushing her slender body to his hard-muscled frame.
Saige moaned loudly as the hungry, passion-filled kiss continued indefinitely. Her knees were practically jelly by now, a potent desire pulsing through her body so powerfully that she could hardly keep herself upright. It was a blessing that he held on to her so tightly, although the sinful promise of his massive cock at full mast, pressing into her belly, was doing little to quell the need that was now consuming her. She twisted her head to the side, changing the angle of the kiss, her hands finding their way between them to caress the solid plane of his chest.
As soon as her slender hands slid over his pecs, Thorn groaned, pulling his head away from hers to break the kiss. He could smell her arousal now. She was wet for him. He knew she was. He didn’t need to ask if she wanted this as much as he did. In one deft move, he relieved her of the T-shirt that separated his skin from hers, baring her naked flesh to his hungry eyes. A lightning bolt of desire zinged through his hot blood, right down to the root of his cock, the moment he finally saw her lush curves completely bare.
“Fuck, you’re spectacular,” he whispered, bending to place butterfly kisses on her collarbones down to the soft rise of her plump breasts.
Saige whimpered, arching her back and throwing her head back. It was all the invitation Thorn needed to close his hot mouth over one protruding nipple, sucking on the hard tip gently before laving it with his tongue. Liquid heat rushed to the center of Saige’s body, pooling in her core and dripping from her pussy as his mouth worshipped her breast. By the time he switched sides, she was literally trembling in his embrace, her pussy clenching and releasing wantonly.
“Mmm, yes,” she cried softly, writhing against his mouth. “God, I need more. Please, more.”
Thorn straightened instantly, his amber eyes finding hers. “Are you sure?” he asked, needing to confirm that this was indeed what she wanted, even though her body had already given him his answer.
Saige licked her lips, her throat going dry under the withering heat of his lustful stare. She was helpless to look away, and she knew without a doubt that there was no turning back now. She wanted this—she wanted him. How or why didn’t matter two hoots. All she knew was that tonight, he would be hers.
Nodding slowly, she held his gaze with hers, refusing to look away even as the hunger she saw in its depths threatened to scorch her. “I’m sure,” she whispered finally. “I want you, Thorn.”
Instantly a low, feral growl erupted from Thorn’s chest, and he grabbed hold of her waist, spinning them around abruptly so that her back was against the door and his huge body was pressing her into it.
“You better hold on then, kitten,” he whispered against the crook of her neck. “’Cause there’s nothing I want more tonight than to be inside you.” With that, his mouth crashed down on hers again, his tongue delving inside to mate with hers.

Title: The White Witch’s Legacy 2: Eryn

Eryn Lancaster is grieving the loss of the only family she’s ever known, her grandmother Clarisse. She wants to sell their little business and move away from the village she has lived in all her life, in order to get over the pain of loss. Then a gorgeous business man walks into her little bookstore-cafe with an offer to purchase and turns her whole world upside down. But Eryn is in for the shock of her life when she finds out who she really is and just why Asher Valentino sought her out.
Ash is on a mission to help his brother's girlfriend, Raven, find her long lost sister, in order to defeat an evil sorcerer. But when he finally finds the enchanting beauty called Eryn Lancaster, the mission becomes the last thing on his mind. He wants her and he plans to have her by any means necessary. He plays a dangerous game of deceit by omission that almost gets him the prize he desires most, Eryn's body. But he soon learns that lies and lust could cost him the prize that he needs the most, her love.
A Siren Erotic Romance

Eryn knew it was rude to stare, but she couldn’t help herself. God knew it was very rare that such a fine specimen of manhood even passed by the threshold of this antiquated store.
Of their own will, her eyes traveled down from his face to peruse the rest of him, and she was not disappointed in the least. He was tall, at least a good foot or so taller than her petite frame, with lean muscles that spoke of strength without unnecessary bulk. She could only imagine how absolutely fantastic he would look without the black button-down shirt he was wearing. The long sleeves were cuffed to his elbows, the fabric stretching across his chest, and she imagined that, if removed, it would reveal sinuous muscles and not an ounce of spare fat on his frame.
“Hello?” the stranger said. His smooth as silk, raspy voice broke into Eryn’s reverie and snapped her back to reality. That’s when she realized that he was staring at her so intently that his gorgeous eyes were literally smoldering. Heat suffused her face in an instant, the fire in his eyes sparking a yearning within her that was totally unexpected. She blinked rapidly in a bid to pull herself together, and hoped to God there wasn’t actually drool oozing out of the side of her mouth.
“Oh! Um, yes, hello,” she stuttered in a rushed, breathy voice that made her blush as she heard it. She cleared her throat and tried again. “Please forgive my rudeness. You must be the gentleman that’s interested in purchasing the store, right?”
There was a slight pause and Eryn noticed a flicker of confusion cross his face, but it disappeared so quickly that she couldn’t really be sure. “Ah…yeah, that’s right! I came to take a look around,” he replied, almost as if he’d forgotten why he was here. That struck Eryn as odd, but she didn’t dwell on it, although it would be too bad if such a gorgeous man wasn’t altogether right in the head. She almost chuckled at that thought.
“Well then, right this way, please,” she told him, stepping aside to allow him to enter the small store.
He stepped across the threshold, his steps faltering almost imperceptibly as he did so. He quickly regained his equilibrium, though, making her wonder again if she was imagining things. He walked confidently into the cluttered room so she could close the door behind them. She watched closely as he shoved his hands into his pockets and looked around the room several times before turning back to her.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t introduce myself. I’m Asher Valentino,” he said with a devastatingly disarming smile.
He withdrew one slender yet strong hand from his pocket and leaned over to offer it to her. Eryn licked her unexpectedly parched lips before reaching out to accept his gesture. The moment he enclosed her small hand in his firm grip, heat shot up her arm and her whole body began to tingle with a sensation she’d never felt before in her life. Every nerve ending seemed to come alive, the hairs on her neck prickled, and her eyes flared with an awareness that was almost tangible. Utterly unnerved by the strange occurrence, she quickly pulled her hand out of his hold, offering a feeble, apologetic smile for any offense he might take to her response.
“Um, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Valentino,” she told him, then had to clear her throat when she realized how husky she sounded.
His smile remained in place, but his eyes narrowed slightly as he continued to study her. “Oh no, Ms. Winthrop, the pleasure is definitely all mine. I must admit, though, you aren’t who I was expecting when I saw the name Clarisse Winthrop.”
Eryn froze for a second at the mention of her grandmother. It was still surreal to think of her in the past tense, but she took a deep breath and pasted as bright a smile as she could muster onto her lips. “That’s probably because my name isn’t Clarisse Winthrop. I’m Eryn Lancaster. Clarisse was my grandmother. This place belonged to her before she passed on.”
The minuscule widening of his eyes was the only indication that he was surprised by the information she had just shared. Then his face took on a look of genuine sympathy, compassion shining in the depth of his lovely eyes. “Well, Ms. Lancaster, please forgive my assumption. And I’m very sorry for your loss. Were you two very close?” he asked.
She should probably have been taken aback by the frank question, but somehow, it didn’t strike her as the least bit odd. Her lips curled in a sad smile and she turned away from him, not trusting herself to be strong in the face of the compassion she saw in his eyes. “Yes, actually. She was my only family. I lost my parents a long time ago.” She heaved in a huge breath in an effort to shake off the morose feeling that had enveloped her. “Anyway, Clarisse lived a full, happy life, so mourning for her would be pointless. Why don’t we get on with that tour you came for?”
He gave a rueful smile, acknowledging her wish to change the subject with a brisk nod. “Of course. Lead the way,” he told her.

Adult Excerpt: 

Instantly, his hands found her drenched pussy and began to caress her. Then he was leaning down, his head settling between her spread legs and his mouth finding her hot sex. She quivered and moaned as his tongue swiped along the swollen slit of her opening, delving into her as it passed back and forth.
“Lift your blouse and fondle your breasts,” he commanded, easing his mouth off her pussy so he could speak. She quickly did as she was told, pushing her blouse up to expose her generous boobs and taking them into her hands.
“That’s it baby,” he whispered his encouragement. “Squeeze those tits. Make your pussy flood for me.”
She expelled a long, low moan as his mouth returned to her pussy and began the sweet, torturous licking again. She pinched and tweaked her nipples, then rubbed the sensitive tips with her palms. The sensations created by the cool wind wafting across her skin, her smooth palms gliding over her nipples, and Ash’s mouth sucking on her clit were almost unbearable, and soon she was writhing in pleasure on the hard surface of the hood. Her pussy fluttered and pulsed, liquid fire oozing out of the hot hole as Ash’s expert mouth pleasured her sex. She continued to stimulate her breasts with her fingertips, adding to the sensations already overwhelming her nerve endings. Soon Ash was pushing her legs even wider and, sliding his stiffened tongue in and out of her entrance in a maddeningly deep tongue-fucking.
“Damn, Ash! I want more,” she cried, releasing her breasts to thrust her fingers into his hair, not caring two hoots anymore who might hear or see her. “Please, baby, I need your cock.”
He didn’t hesitate to grant her wish, pulling back to gently drag her off the car by her legs as soon as he heard her desperate plea. “Turn around and bend over,” he told her, unsnapping his jeans as he waited for her to obey his command.
Her skirt still bunched up around her waist, she bent forward until the tips of her breasts touched the cool metal of the car. She gasped when she felt Ash spreading her legs wider to accommodate him between them and then his heavy cock was at her entrance, pressing forward to ease inside her body. She groaned as he slid into her slickness, his shaft stretching her pussy, causing a twinge of discomfort to the still-slightly-sore tissues.
“Oh God, yes!” she cried, loving the feeling of being stretched to capacity, completely filled with his massive cock.
“Feels good, huh?” he asked, his voice a breathless groan, as if he was barely hanging onto his control. “So goddamn good!”

Want to start from the top? Here’s a peek at Book 1

The White Witch’s Legacy 1: Raven

[Siren Allure: Erotic Fantasy/Paranormal Romance, shape-shifters, witches, daemons, bondage, spanking, HEA]
When Xander Kane meets a delectable exotic dancer in a bar, he is instantly drawn to her striking beauty. He knows he has to have her, but when he finally convinces her to let him take her home, she disappears without a trace after they share an electrifying night together. He never thought he would see her again, but when fate takes her right back to his doorstep he is intent on making her pay for running out on him like she did. But Raven is not what she seems, and the secrets she hides, coupled with his own dark skeletons, threatens to destroy any hope that Xander harbored for them.
Raven embarks on a perilous journey to protect her mother’s legacy and finds herself fighting for her life at every turn. When she meets Xander Kane, he is everything she wants in a man and everything she cannot afford to let herself have right now. Will they be able to overcome the obstacles that confront them at every turn and find their way to love?
A Siren Erotic Romance

About Kelsie Belle
Kelsie Belle wears many hats – wife, mother and teacher are just a few but the erotic romance writer hat is by far her favorite. Kelsie is wildly gregarious by nature. She considers herself ‘forever 21’ and enjoys reading contemporary romance, Science fiction and fantasy, listening to music and dancing like there’s no tomorrow. A caffeine addict that lives life from one coffee mug to the next, she’s always on the go, ready and waiting for the next adventure.
She has been a storyteller for as long as she can remember, her characters live inside her overactive mind and a thousand stories come to life in her head every day. This her first paranormal series The White Witch’s Legacy. It promises to be an exciting trip into her wild imagination and she hopes her readers will enjoy the experience of taking a ride outside the ordinary with her.

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