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Going Home to Love by Randy Wiggins ...

Going Home to Love
Randy Wiggins

Writing has been my dream since I was a teenager. By the time I was 24 I had written four novels, none published, thank goodness, they are terrible. As I got older I made more attempts at writing and broke into the non-fiction market writing articles, book reviews and doing interviews with authors in the horror field. I again ventured into non-fiction market with article on comic book collecting while still trying to write that all important first publishable novel.
Last November I had an idea about an English teacher who also writes novels who decided to move back to his hometown and teach at the high school he once attended. He also wanted to kindle a romance with the slightly younger Jared Mathews who he knew had carried a large crush on him then. Gavin set out with the goal of moving home, writing a real break out novel and capturing the love of a man he had been dreaming off the entire four years he spent away from home during college and kick starting his career.
Jared works at the local video store and lives with his mom. His parents had divorced when he was a teenager because his mom accepted him, mostly, but his father cut him out of his life. Jared returned home from a lack-luster term in college to help his mom with his father who died shortly after his return, when he hears about Gavin doing a signing at the local book store for his newest novel. A few dates later the guys are a couple but trouble is on the horizon as ghosts from the past begin shoeing themselves. Can they defeat old enemies to keep their new love?

Jared Mathews entered the book store with a nervous energy. He had come out to his friends and family at the age of eighteen, but at twenty-one he had yet to go on a date much less have a relationship with another man. Gavin Harris, his secret crush as a freshman was back in town to do a signing for his second novel. Gavin had been a senior, two years ahead and way out of his league. Gavin had also been the first out quarterback in the school’s history, and on top of that he stood up for all the kids who were called “fag” and “queer”, even the ones that weren’t gay at all. Everybody loved Gavin, and still did, especially Jared.
Jared made it through the long line after an hour’s slow crawl forward. He said hello, and Gavin smiled at him.
“I know you…Jaden, Jason, no Jared, Jared Mathews, right?” he questioned.
“Wow, great memory.”
“It’s easy when the person is worth remembering, and you were worth it.” Gavin stood up and rounded the table to give Jared a big hug. He whispered in Jared’s ear, “Meet me at Banyons after the signing.”
Jared felt all flushed and embarrassed but pleased that he had been remembered at all, much less remembered fondly. “It’s great to see you again. I read your first book and thought it was amazing,” Jared gushed. He felt as though his face must be the color of a fire truck.
Gavin inscribed the hardcover and handed it back with a warm smile, “nice seeing you again, Jared.” He winked and moved to the next fan in line.
Banyons Really, Jared thought as he made his way to the cash register. The hottest guy he had ever known had just asked to meet him at the most expensive steak house in town. Shit, how would he afford his meal? The cash for the book had to be borrowed from his mom until payday. He reached the register only to be told that there was no charge. Gavin Harris had sent a note to the cashier to let her know he was paying Jared’s copy himself.
Jared told the woman thanks and accepted a bag to carry his book in. He left the store to walk for a bit then remembered he needed to call his mom and let her know he wouldn’t be home for dinner. He hated that he had to live with his mother because his job didn’t pay shit. What money he did make was being saved so that he could go back to college. He’d dropped out when his father got sick with the cancer and hadn’t saved enough to pay the tuition for the full year yet.
He hit the number on the key pad of his phone and listened to the beeps before the ringing began. His mother picked up with a sunny hello. “I won’t be home for dinner tonight Mom.”
“Jared dear, how will you eat?” She sounded worried. His mother had always been very protective of him, though it really felt more like controlling to him.
“Gavin Harris invited me to dinner…at Banyons, can you believe it? I didn’t even think he would remember me.”
“The writer you went to see,” she said flatly, “Why would he do that dear?”
“I guess because I was the only guy from school to show up.”
“You mentioned him a few times as I recall now,” her voice giving away the nervousness she felt. She had dealt with his being gay but the practicality of it hadn’t come up before. Now she would have to really decide how shew felt and deal with the idea that her precious son would rather be with men than women. At times like this she would normally wish her husband was alive but he had made his opinion quite clear on the subject. That was the main thing that led to their divorce after twenty five years of marriage.
“He saved me from some pretty serious beat downs in high school,” Jared said, feeling like he had to defend his reasoning for wanting to have dinner with the man.
“Well, have a good time dear and be careful please. I love you Jared,” she said before hanging up. Regina thought just as she hung up the receiver that she had heard Jared say something else. Her mind was all over the place and her chest was tight, it felt like the night he had told her about his homosexuality for the first time. It had been one of the most painful moments of her life but Jared was her son and she would take him as he was, but she wouldn’t give up hope that he would change his mind someday.
“Love you too, Mom,” he said to a dead line. She had been the first to accept him as he was when he came out, but she still had moments of uncertainty. She constantly worried about the small minded people of their little Georgia town.
He replaced the cell phone in his pocket and started walking down toward the restaurant a few blocks away.

Once in the bedroom Gavin pulled Jared in for another blazing hot kiss. Mouths sealed tight to one another, tongues roping in and out of their mouths making them both hard to the point of explosion.
They separated long enough to remove their shirts then went back to kissing as hands roamed over hard muscle and smooth flesh. Jeans became unbuttoned, unzipped and discarded with barely a thought as the two men continued the oral battle of tongues. Though Jared was coming off the submissive of the two as he figured he would. There was nothing the man could ask of him short of murder at that moment.
“I want you Gavin, I want to taste you, hold you in my mouth,” Jared said barely able to catch his breath.
“Oh man, babe that sounds so great,” replied Gavin. He moved Jared on to the bed and they wrapped themselves around each other before Jared broke away and began licking Gavin’s neck and moving slowly down to his left nipple, circling the little brown pebble until it began to harden, and then moved to the right to repeat the process before licking down his mildly hairy abdomen to his happy trail. Jared continued down slower making the next part last as long as he could, he took the fat head of Gavin’s eight inch cock into his mouth and tongued the slit as he slowly began to slide more of the man into his mouth. Gavin’s hard member reached the back of Jared’s throat at which point Jared began to choke and Gavin pulled back a bit before making another attempt to lodge his entire self into Jared warm, wet embrace.
Gavin lay back with one hand wrapped in Jared’s blond hair and the other arm covering his eyes as he savored the amazing feeling of Jared’s oral loving. He had always thought that it would be like this if the two of them were to meet again. 
“Babe, you are fucking incredible,” Gavin cried out as he felt his load beginning to simmer, sending electrical shocks up his spine to his brain. “If you aren’t ready to swallow yet you better finish me off by hand, it won’t be much longer.”
Jared was nowhere near willing to give up without getting the prize he longed for. He locked his mouth around the invasive cock with the head solidly in his throat as he felt Gavin tense up, seconds later he found himself swallowing shot after shot of hot cum as it shot from the head of Gavin’s penis.
“Fuck me, that is so hot,” Gavin yelled. Blowing him like this it made Gavin wonder just how virginal Jared really was, he’d only been with a few men himself and none of them were near as talented as Jared was proving to be.
Jared drained Gavin to the last salty, spicy drop before licking the shrinking cock clean before letting it slip from his mouth. He licked his lips as he began to kiss his way back up Gavin’s body, making the return trip to the man’s mouth far slower than the trip down.
Gavin held Jared’s shoulders with his hands as the young man worked the right nipple nearly to the point of pain before moving to the left and doing the same.
After a few more licks they met mouth to mouth again and began to kiss with far greater passion.
The two men parted and Jared lay beside his lover on the large bed breathing heavy, it wasn’t until then that he realized he had already blown his own load while working his way back up Gavin’s body.
“That was the best blow job I have ever had. Are you sure you are a virgin,” he teased.
“Well, I may have practiced with a dildo a few times,” Jared said with a smile and a faint blush.
“You are so bad, and I love it,” Gavin said. “One day we’ll have to bring out that dildo so I can watch you use it on yourself,” he added. He pulled Jared into an embrace and held him back to his own front and rubbed Jared’s chest with his right  hand, his fingers found the man’s right nipple and worked it with his fingers as he felt a light doze coming on; within moments both men were fast asleep.

I was born in 1968 in Columbus, Georgia where I grew to open a new and used book store the day before my 21st birthday. I operated the business for seven years before selling due to declining health. My first published writing was for various non-fiction magazines in the horror and comic book collecting fields.
I now write as often as my ideas pop up and read a whole lot of the rest of the time. I am single.

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