Friday, October 14, 2016

Settling For Perfect by Claire S Crawford ...

Settling for Perfect 
Claire S Crawford

'... Heart pounding against my ribs, my breath catches in my throat as he looks around. Holding the end of the scarf high, he pulls my arms above my head and ties the silk through the metal handle of a cupboard level with his shoulders. Watching him nervously, I give a little tug but I am secured tightly and can barely move. Instantly my thighs begin trembling.

“What game are you going to play?” I ask as he disappears behind me and starts opening drawers.

Sliding a firm hand over my butt, he squeezes my cheek...'

“You’ll see,” he replies gruffly.



Claire S Crawford is a contemporary romance author who has traveled the world, lived her dreams and had her fair share of dramatic, lustful and adventure filled romances. She writes fast-paced, raunchy books full of desire, fantasy and sizzling hot passion. Her characters are fun, flirty and sexy, and always find their ‘happily-ever-after’, albeit with a dash of drama along the way.

Claire loves to escape from ‘real life’ into her fictional worlds. She has a wealth of experience; ‘life’ and professional, and used her rich patchwork of knowledge as inspiration for her books. She is married to a wonderful man and has a young family.

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