Saturday, August 26, 2017

Another Toy Scene...

Another toy scene ....this time from Elephants and Ever-Afters. (Buy online from all good bookshops).

"......She opened her eyes as he rolled on a condom then began rubbing lube on her rosette. Slowly he pressed a finger against it and she felt that pain-burn as it slowly entered her.
“Ah yes, that’s what I like.”
She squirmed against his finger wanting more. He pulled it out and instead held his cock against her tight hole. Laura put her hands on the tops of her legs, opening them further apart and raising her buttocks as Toby began to push inside her. Slowly he inched his cock forward until it was seated inside her.
She groaned, “I love it.”
Murmuring as her arse filled with his cock, Laura heard Tobias switch on the rabbit vibrator to hold it against her pussy, she sighed in delight as he slowly pushed it forward. Now she had both holes filled and Tobias began rocking back and forth, his cock thrusting in and out in time with the rabbit.
With each forward thrust the ears of the rabbit would tickle and tease her clit and Laura closed her eyes again to enjoy the sensation. Tobias took hold of her good leg, so she lifted her hand to pull at her nipples.
“Fuck me harder, Toby! Fuck me!”
“God, Laura, I love how tight your arse is. I love fucking it.”
He thrust in harder, his balls slapping against her skin. Laura felt a climax start, the vibrator was deep inside her and the rabbit was now continually massaging her clit. She gave a scream as her orgasm rolled across her, it always seemed harder, more intense when he fucked her and used the rabbit at the same time.
Tobias didn’t stop. He kept up his assault on her arse, kept the vibrator inside her and Laura had no chance to regain her breath. Instead, he pounded her harder and harder. She was tossing her head from side to side as another climax built up.
“Come, Toby!”
She screamed as her own swept across her. She felt the muscles grip hard on the vibrator and on his cock as Tobias thrust forward hard and held his cock deep. As she watched he opened his mouth in a silent scream and closed his eyes. Somehow, he managed to pull out and remove the vibrator before collapsing on the bed beside her.
Laura let her legs hang over the bed as Tobias twisted her around and took her into his arms. Her head on his chest, she could hear his heart pounding as loud as her own as they both tried to breathe normally....."
© Suzy Shearer 2017

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