Thursday, January 03, 2019

The #Evernighties...

Dear readers, the Evernight Authors have banded up for a year-long blog challenge, with a new prompt every Thursday meant to encourage our tired brains to post more creative and interesting content (or so we hope).  (with thanks to Katherine Wyvern - I stole her opening paragraph).

So here I go with my first post for the #Evernighties 

Week 1 -Favourite thing I written (and why).

Actually there are two things that I have written that are kind of my favourite. The first was a weird nightmare(?) type thing I experienced that the intelligent part of my brain tells me was just a dream. Unfortunately the other part of my brain, the crazy, writer part assures me it really happened. Being slightly insane I accept the second because even today when I think about it, it gives me the creeps.

Anyway a few days after the event I got this urge to write it all down thinking it would purge it from my memory. Years later I was cleaning up my computer hard drive and found it. It was just as scary as when it happened but I got me thinking that it would make a great prologue for a story. 

It ended up becoming the first book I wrote (and got accepted) as well as the first in a series - The Hunters - about vampire hunters. That spooky 'whatever' inspired a number of books that people enjoyed. Naturally just the fact it was my first book made it head my favourites list but I also loved the world I created filled with immortals where they hunted, lived and search for their true love.

The other favourite was a book I wrote a few years later. It was called Melting Her Dom's Heart and it gave a sort of look at the fragility of a Dom. We always tend to think of them as macho guys who know exactly what they want and never have any fears or doubts. My hero was an arsehole - no other word for it - but he was human.

I hadn't intended to write him the way I did. He was supposed to be this strong 'I know what I want' type but all his flaws crept in and I think it made him more likeable - that is after you slapped him around the head a few times for being a jerk.

In part of the book there is a big dramatic scene for him and I like to think it showed his vulnerability and how much he loved the heroine. I actually shed a tear or two as I wrote it so I guess something must have been right that day. Mind you he was still a bit dumb at times but overall he came

As I write this I think 'hang on, what about such and such a book?' that was a favourite. Makes me realise each was is. Each book I write has something in it that makes it a favourite. 

I imagine each author is the same. We pour ourselves into each manuscript. They hold our fears, our loves and our hopes. They tear us into little pieces as we write. They rub us raw and make us doubt ourselves but in the end they are part of us. Each one recalls something that makes us smile or cry or laugh. Each one a favourite.

Still I have picked out two and hope you understand.

So this is the list we are all going to work from.  I may not do one every week but I'll try and write something as much as possible. I hope you'll join me, and the other Evernight authors, as we journey along.