Thursday, April 30, 2020

The Silk Rope Masters series by Suzy Shearer...

The Silk Rope Masters
Suzy Shearer

Book 3 - Ash - has been accepted by Evernight! Hopefully it will be out sometime in June or July.

They ooze power, control, natural dominance - and sex. 
They are The Silk Rope Masters.​
None have ever found love but watch out! When they fall, they'll fall fast and hard!

Book 1

When 52 year old Avril Thomson overheard two women talking about a BDSM club, it had her intrigued. Determined to finally explore her desire for pain during sex, she signed up for the information evening at Silk Rope.

Steven Bray, 53, is a sadist. He noticed her as soon as he entered into the room, she was hard to ignore. Beautiful, plenty of curves, but with an unapproachable demeanour. His cock had twitched when she admitted she wanted to explore pain - heavy pain.

The question is was she a sexual sadist and, if so, would she allow Steven to teach all there was to love about pain.

Be Warned: BDSM, anal sex, sex toys, voyeurism, flogging, public exhibition, masochism, sadism.  

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Book 2

Jake Nichols, 53, was so tall that Emily Miller, 49, had to crane her neck to look into his face. Muscular - he could pick her up in one hand and yet he held her as if she were a fragile bird.​
And that's exactly what she was, a beautiful plus-sized woman with a pain so deep she's buried her emotions rather than face the tragedy that happened just a few months ago.​
Jake was assigned to care for her by Master Ash, the head of Silk Rope and what Jake didn't expect was to fall in love.
But she was only in his safekeeping until she could fly on her own then he would have to release her. 

Be Warned: BDSM, anal sex, sex toys, voyeurism, flogging, public exhibition

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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Waiting on April by Bella Settarra...

Waiting on April (Collar & Cuffs Book 3)
Bella Settarra


She’ll trust him with her body—but what about her heart?

Pretty, petite April Myers is a valued and well-loved waitress at the exclusive BDSM club, Collar and Cuffs. She’s especially well-loved by the big, muscular Dom, Detective Steve Ratner. So when he discovers her with a black eye and bruises after missing a shift, he’s understandably horrified. He suspects her ex, who has been sniffing around her again, uninvited. And he has no intention of letting the man anywhere near his precious April.

April has always liked playing with Master Steve. She loves the affection and security she receives from him—not to mention the most incredible orgasms. But even though she dreams of being with him, she’s not willing to risk her heart again. She fights to keep her feelings for him under wraps, clinging fiercely to her independence. He’ll have to settle for her body, which she willingly offers him in the dungeon, but she’ll never give anyone her heart… will she?



In Bella's world all the heroes are gorgeous hunks and the heroines are always beautiful. Having said that, she firmly believes that 'handsome is as handsome does' and that 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. (She is also a big fan of clich├ęs as well as alliteration!)

She has been hanging out with her 'imaginary friends' for seven years now and finds the profession exhilarating and intriguing. Her stories are all steamy romances, although they vary considerably in subject-matter. Whether you prefer sexy cowboys, hunky Doms, or something a little more contemporary, she has a treat for everyone. Her books also range from M/F romances to M/M, M/M/F and M/F/M.

She hopes you enjoy reading her stories as much as she enjoys writing them. Feel free to sign up to her Newsletter and connect with her at any of the following: