Thursday, June 26, 2014

Excitement Comes in Threes .....

I just received the cover for Book 5 -  it is perfect!

The Club 5: Submit is about a fiery redhead who is pursued by a very handsome Dom.  She refuses to accept she is a submissive and their lovemaking tends to be as fiery as she is.

I enjoyed writing this one - I have actually written it in first person. You become the heroine, Georgia, and feel what she is going through.   This is my second book to be written in 'first person', the other is Daemons Are Forever.

More exciting news - The Club 6: Unmasked has been accepted and is due for electronic release in Sept/Oct 2014.

I had fun with this one - fans of my books will all know James 'Doc' Wilson. He is a much loved character at The Club and I decided to give him his own book.

It seemed only fitting that a masquerade ball to celebrate Fleur and Richard's 25th wedding anniversary become the setting for a rather unique meeting between Doc and the mysterious Naddiya.

And still the exciting news keeps coming!

As part of my publisher's social media presence, they would like to feature The Club in a Series Showcase on Facebook. This will occur on Thursday, July 3.

They also feature a Fave Five list from me on Pinterest to coincide with my Facebook feature.  They are going to select the photo for their Pinterest page: and post.

So how exciting is all that?  For me it is simply W.O.W!!

The Club 4: Displayed is now out for pre-order with a 10% discount.

...... Kendra Fletcher has a tragic past that she just cannot seem to escape from. She discovered The Club six months ago, and it has become her only sexual outlet.  By displaying then masturbating herself in front of an audience, she can finally achieve an orgasm.
Marc and Gabe Rossi, identical twins, fun loving and full of life, see her perform, and for them it is love at first sight. They know she is the woman for them. But how can they convince such a shy and reclusive woman that they are perfect for her?
Ty and Juliet Palmer decide to help the twins get the woman they love. After all, who better to help than Juliet, who loves being displayed, and her loving husband, who loves to watch her?
So with the help of their friends at The Club, the twins set out to win over Kendra and make her their own.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dedication Writing .....

I just got a manuscript back from my editor so I could run through the final edits, make any last minute changes and send it back ready for its release early July.

I could also put in a 'dedication' - so far I have managed to come up with either a thank you to my wonderful beta readers, the grounding I got from my parents or something that suited the novel.

I was wracking my brains trying to come up with something for this one.  I have written five so far and scratched them all out.

I wonder how many other authors have difficulty thinking of something witty or just interesting with each book.

In one of my books I wrote part of "Little Red Riding Hood" as the dedication - mainly because of the characters in the book.  This time I wanted something different.

I finally came up with 'A very big thank you to all the chocolate and coffee consumed in the writing of this novel - without you it would have still been written but not as deliciously …'

Friday, June 20, 2014

What are Erotic Romance Books ....

Submitted Book 6 in The Club series to my publishers this morning so now begins the nail biting again.  I am so happy at how well the books have been performing.

I never imagined when I first submitted my manuscript that 6 months later I would have 3 books out and each one managing to reach the top 3 MF Bestsellers.

Then the fact that one reached number is amazing.  At the moment I still have the 3 books that have been released in the top 20 and they have been there since their release!

It is interesting that since 50 Shades came out of the fan fiction (where it was first published) and into the 'real' world how erotic romance are now accepted.

Erotic romances have always been around but they were hidden away and women were ashamed to be caught reading them.  Nowadays people are more open and you hear discussions on erotic novels in all sorts of places from supermarkets to hairdressers to libraries.

When people find out I write erotic novels I am surprised at the storyline suggestions I get.  It is great to see that it is no longer a taboo subject and the majority of people do not look at you and say 'you write porn - disgusting!' .... instead they want to know the titles and the subjects so they can buy them ..... lol.

The sub-genre of erotic romances got its first real boost with epublishing.  When high volume sales showed for the genre, publishers realised there was an untapped market.  Since 2005 the genre has skyrocketed with many large publishing houses having secondary publishing venues designed for the genre and/or for electronic publishing.

Erotic romances should not be confused with pornographic novels.  Erotic Romance novels let the readers in behind the bedroom door with explicit sex scenes and language but they are there for character development.  There is always well-developed plot lines and characters and if the explicit sex were removed the story would still stand but would suffer.  'Happy ever after' is an requirement in the erotic romance genre.

Detractors of erotic romances call our work 'porn' or 'soft porn' without knowing the very real and obvious difference. In pornographic novels there is no character development, no plots, no subplots - it is just explicit sex written to give the reader incentive to orgasm and for no other reason.

I have no problems telling people I write erotic romances, there will always be people who don't like the genre - just like there are people who hate thrillers or scif/fi etc - if there are readers of certain genres there will always be authors writing them.

Fans can't wait to get new releases from their favourite authors and authors have a hard time keeping up with demand.

I have been overwhelmed by the support my new readers give me - they all keep asking when the next book is coming out .... lol.

I am also excited to know that I will have two books in print form - it will be so exciting to have them sitting on my bookshelf!

I already have requests for autographed copies!

There is a great site - authorgraph - that allows readers to get autographs from their favourite authors for electronic books.  I have joined it and already sent out a lot of autographs.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Over the Moon ....

After chewing my non-existant finger nails for the past 11 days I finally got the email I was hoping for ....

'Thank you for sending your book, A Hunter's Heart [The Hunters 1]. We would like to publish it. We have set the projected electronic publication date for August/September 2014. The projected print date for your book is December 2014/January 2015.'......

It is a paranormal romance filled with Vampires and Vampire Hunters. 

This book started me on the writing road - the prologue is very special to me and late last year/early this year I wrote this book.

I am three quarters of the way through writing Book 2 and have an idea for Book 3.

I am just over the moon!!

Sunday, June 01, 2014

GUEST AUTHOR: Jordan Ashley

My author friend Jordan Ashley agreed to answer a few questions about herself.  SO join me as we learn a little about her. 

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I live in northern Ohio with three young kids, a spoiled rotten Maine coon, and the love of my life.  I’m addicted to supernatural and crime shows, such as Supernatural, Agents of Shield, Dead Files, Ghost Adventures, NCIS, and Criminal Minds.
I’m an almost 30 year old divorce’ who is just finally getting her life together.  I work at Kohl’s as a cashier, have my own ‘aroma’ business—make my own candles, wax melts and aroma beads- and sell out of my own Etsy shop, and then in August I will be going back to school full time for Massage Therapy. 
I’m a busy person, but I always find time to do what I love - write.  Whether it’s plotting out books, working on what’s currently “in progress” for me, or just simply commenting on posts on Facebook I write.  I’m a Facebook junkie and I’m ALWAYS on there!
After probably twenty or more rejections I finally got my chance at being published with Siren Publishing.  All The Difference is just the first book of many in the Club Aries series!
Q: How did you choose the genre you write in?
I don’t truly stick to one genre actually, I write a little bit of everything.  The debut is contemporary, however, I have many depths of paranormal, a crime adventure, and looking at starting a horror series. I’m interested in everything, and so I can’t find myself just working in one genre, feels too limiting!
Q: What is your writing dream?
The true writing dream for me—the... WAY OUT THERE to Jupiter dream? To become the next big thing.  Who doesn’t want that, you know? I’d like to be able to get my stories out there and have my works explode, and have people just as invested in my characters as I am. I’d love for the books to be on the silver screen, and make all kinds of money! LOL!
The REALISTIC dream? I just want the world to read my stories, fall in love with the characters and locations just as I have. I want to eventually be able to just be a full time author so I can stay at home with my kids and not worry about getting my requests off at work honoured.
Q: Who are your favourite authors?
Way too many to count, I mean seriously.  Julie Garwood got me started on romance when I was fourteen years old with her book Saving Grace. Her hero in that book is why I named my son Gabriel. Stephen King, Rowling, Martin (Game of Thrones), Kristin Daniels, Regina Carlysle, Elle Boon (One of my girlfriends!!) Anna Alexander, Sasha Devlin. The last five I have the intense privilege to PERSONALLY know.
Q: Which comes first, characters or plot?
Depends.  There’s a story I wanted to tell about a woman changing her destiny (Just a TOUCH of paranormal) The characters filled in around it.  The Aries series? Characters came first.
Q: Do you have the whole plot outlined before you start writing?
Umm. Sometimes.  I have to know the overall arc.  The meet, the conflict and how it’d going to be resolved.  As I start writing, I’ll get maybe a fourth to half way through and plan out the rest of the chapters so I have a general direction. Sometimes the characters will take me off guard and veer a little.
Q: When did you start writing?
When I was just fourteen years old.  I read L.J. Smith’s Dark Visions trilogy, and was so inspired by the story I wrote a fan-fiction.  It was horrible. LMAO! HOR-I-BLE. It’s undergone 4 or 5.... maybe 6 revisions and rewrites and It has now become my crime adventure (with a twist of paranormal;))
Q: Why erotic romance?
When my marriage started falling apart is when I discovered erotica. My first read? Desiree Holt. It was a short of hers, and I cannot, for the life of me, remember the title. I attended Romanticon that year, 2011, for the first time ever and never looked back.  I found comfort in the freedom of the writing while coping with the failing marriage, and the inevitable depression that came along with it. 
Once I filed for divorce it was a comfort to lose myself in those worlds I created and the intimacy between the characters that I craved so intensely then.
Q: When is your favourite time to write?
Once the kiddos are in bed, and the boyfriend has gone off to work for the night.  Everything is quiet, I can blast my music into my ears and zone out without fear of getting interrupted J
Q: What would surprise people to know about you?
Surprise people? HA. Well Writing erotica was certainly a surprise for my family I think.  For any of my friends... Perhaps that I’m still shy as hell to approach new people.
Another thing is that I do make my own candles. It’s actually a really relaxing thing for me, and I’ll be using them as purchasable swag starting in fall, once I get my pillar wax, I’ll use those and tea lights as give-aways J
Q: Did you always want to be a writer?
Oh yes, Ever since that first inspiration it was something I wanted to do with my life, and now my 14 year old dream is finally coming true!
Q: How long does it take you to write a book?
Depends on the story.  With Book Two of the Aries series I wrote it in 26 days for NaNoWriMo.  Book Three It’s taken me 5 months.  Just depends on how loudly the characters speak to me.  My crime adventure has been through so many rewrites as I stated previously, that it’s taken me 15 years to be close to happy with it.
Q: What would I find in your refrigerator right now?
A lot of food that tries to be healthy, condiments, probably SOME left overs. Pepsi, a whole case of it, ‘cause the boyfriend won’t keep it out of the house when he knows I’m trying to kick the habit.
Q: Do you ever use your own experiences in your books?
OH definitely.  Conversations, actual occurrences, one of the books I’m plotting (Actually a chapter or two away from being finished) is me and my boyfriend’s story ;)
Q: What luxury could you not live without?
My computer, definitely! I NEED this baby.
Q: What’s your favourite food?
Gimme anything Italian.  Pasta, I’m a pasta whore LMAO!
Q: Who do you base your heroes on?
Another one of those “depends” answers.  But this isn’t an adult diaper ;) The heroes in Club Aries are based off of REAL men. Diego is based off of David Nieves, a cover model for another publishing company. He’ll be featured in Joe Mangienello’s movie “La Bare” coming out at the end of June. Adrian was inspired by Ace “Boogie” He asked me at the 2013 Romanticon if I would write a book for him.  Thus... Chivalry Isn’t Dead was born. All the men are based off of REAL LIVE people. –The first six, plus Luka- The rest were inspired by actors, two wrestlers in the WWE.
Another couple of Heroes are based off of my boyfriend. Others... traits I see in characters actors play.
Q: What’s next for you?

Finishing the Club Aries series for starters. Then I’m planning on working on a paranormal erotica series-the Healing Springs series. I have a couple of other books in the works, and there’s potential for my horror series to possibly have an erotic side to it as well.  Keep your eyes open, ‘cause I’m just getting started! 

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