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Come and Get Your Love by Tina Donahue

Come and Get Your Love 
Tina Donahue

A Texas rancher, an Atlanta debutante, a will, and a fake marriage. Erotic Contemporary - Romantic Comedy - Let the fun begin!

  Their desire wasn’t supposed to be real… With millions willed to her in an incentive trust, Lissa can get the dough to start her own country music label when she meets one of the no-contest clauses. Namely, reach middle age in twenty years, work in the hated family business for a decade, or marry someone not in the music biz. Marriage it is, at least for a year to satisfy her greedy brother who wants the inheritance. Enter Cass, a hot Texas rancher who dampens Lissa’s panties. With a pile of medical bills from his brother’s accident, Cass agrees to wed Lissa. She’s sweet to look at, surprisingly pleasant for an Atlanta debutante, and makes his jeans feel tight as hell despite their no-sex contract. Uh-huh. The devil’s in the details. Longing gazes turn to tender intimacy and wild nights with pretend feeling all too real.
Damn shame it may be too late with her brother gunning for them both.

Teaser Four

Cass leaned to the left, but the sun still reflected off the car’s windshield, hiding the passengers from him. Not that it mattered since he knew who they were. An Atlanta debutante who wanted to get around a trust and her attorney who was helping her do it. Sweet Jesus, what had he gotten himself into?
It wasn’t like Cass to engage in fraud of any kind. Before the lousy drought, the drop in beef prices, and then his kid brother’s problems, he’d been doing well. Now, not so much with no financial institution wanting to help. Only the Bank of Lissa Lee had answered his appeal.
Now that she was there, Cass wanted to run.
He was certain she wasn’t only spoiled, but probably had a voice that would shatter safety glass, not to mention looks only a blind mother could love. Her attorney had refused to send Cass a picture of her, warning him not to search for one on the Internet.
“This is business,” he’d said in a soft yet nasty voice. “If you look into Ms. Lee at all, I’ll know, and the deal’s off.”
Cass hadn’t been certain whether the man had been blowing smoke or not, but couldn’t risk it. He’d told himself to be a good boy for the attorney and a bad boy for Lissa while also making a mockery of marriage. That wasn’t like him either.
He was ready to go back inside the house and throw the lock when the driver’s side door popped open and a balding blond guy got out. “Mr. Bronson?”
Unfortunately. “Uh-huh. Mr. St. Claire?”
“That’s right.” He went around to the passenger door and opened it.
Cass took a deep breath, reminding himself this was necessary to pay the bills, keep the land and house. He wasn’t even expected to consummate the—
His thoughts stopped dead at the young woman who stepped out.
Her hair fell in soft waves to her waist and was the color of a Texas sunset…shimmering red with a few gold highlights.. The dress she wore was short and sleeveless with a scooped neck but no shape. Didn’t matter. A stiff breeze pushed the pale yellow fabric against the faint curve of her tummy, smallish breasts, and tightened nipples.
She wasn’t wearing a bra.
Cass’ cock went instantly stiff, while his gaze prowled down her. Damn, he couldn’t detect a panty line either. Now his rod was beginning to ache. He glanced lower still.
Lord, but she had nice thighs, slender calves, and ankles too, not to mention tiny feet in her wedged sandals. They added about three inches to her height. Barefooted, she’d be one mighty small woman.
As she shifted her weight, which couldn’t have been more than a hundred and twenty pounds, Cass glanced up to see her creamy complexion—not one freckle—and one of the prettiest faces a woman could have, along with a surprisingly vulnerable expression. As though she wasn’t certain he’d approve of her.
How could any normal man find her lacking?
Her eyes were pale blue, circled with dark lashes, her nose as delicate as the rest of her features…all except for her mouth. It was pink, her lips as full as Angelina Jolie’s, and looking to be hotter than this day.
He swallowed.
“This is Ms. Lissa Lee,” Mr. St. Claire said.
Cass had to hold back a grin of delight since this arrangement was supposed to have zero fun, and she looked kind of daunted. Poor thing. Feeling oddly protective, Cass wanted to assure her that everything was going to be all right, but hadn’t a clue how it could be. They were supposed to live together in wedded un-bliss for a year, which meant they were both going to be celibate.

Somehow, Cass hadn’t thought of that until now, and suddenly realized he was fucked big time. Holding back a sigh, he took off his hat and went down the steps to claim her.

Teaser One


Cass had expected to be somewhat jittery today, but his anger with Willy was still fresh enough to have calmed his nerves, though not his thoughts. As the Wedding March swept through the gigantic space, Cass wondered if Willy would say or do something to hurt Lissa.
I’ll pound you into the ground if you try.
It’d be more entertainment for the six hundred or so guests.
They oohed, then ahhed at the ringbearer who tripped, the flower girl who wet her panties halfway down the aisle, and a dozen bridesmaids dressed in filmy lavender gowns who grinned as if their lives depended on it. So much for having a small affair. Marvella and the rest of the bridesmaids had walked slowly, each of them taking Cass in as if he were on the auction block. Some of them eyed him so much they made this the longest damn wedding he’d ever suffered through.
Patty must have thought the same. She hung on to one of the chairs while her gaze whizzed around the room decorated with more flowers than a Texas politician’s funeral.
Cass would have given a few years of his life for some fresh air and a faster pace to these proceedings. After what seemed like hours, it was time for the main event. A hush fell over the guests as Willy stepped into view. Cass glared at the man, warning him to be nice or risk death.
Curling his upper lip, Willy held out his arm for Lissa.
A moment passed, then another, and still more with her nowhere in sight. She couldn’t have changed her—
No, wait. There she was.
Cass lost every bit of air in his lungs. Dear Lord, her hair was beyond glorious, curling this way and that, free and loose just as he’d wanted. Thank you, sweetheart.
He couldn’t look at her dress enough. White as a cloud, it sparkled each time she breathed.
Although Lissa’s veil hung over her face, he could see that her gaze was down as Willy delivered her to his side…for safekeeping and a lifetime of what should have been love. Cass took her hand gently in his, surprised at how icy her fingers were.
Lissa lifted her face.
At that moment, Cass knew he wanted her completely, mindlessly, passionately; hell, he might even be falling in love. This was a woman he ached to share time with—all the good, even the bad—didn’t matter.
Her expression softened; it yearned as much as his.
Cass smiled.
Uncertainty, then something he couldn’t read passed over her face. She turned away.
His stomach fell. He wanted to ask what had just happened, what the problem might be, besides this nutty wedding. He needed to know if she’d ever want him as her real husband or even for a couple dates, but couldn’t get into that now. The minister had already started.
His words sounded cold, no different from the contract Cass and Lissa had signed. How careful they’d been, spelling everything out, except what they should do about a wayward heart.
Cass’ beat out of control, yet he said his vows in a surprisingly strong voice and then eased his mother’s ring onto Lissa’s finger, warming her hand with his own.
When it was her turn, she claimed that she’d love him for all time, then slipped a gold band onto his finger. A warning to the world that he belonged to her now.
As crazy as it was, Cass suddenly wanted that.
The ceremony continued, for days it seemed. He felt as if he’d been doing this all of his life. Finally though, the minister shut up for a few seconds, broke into a broad smile, and said, “You may now kiss your bride.”
What remarkable words those were, filled with such beauty and promise. With great care, as if he was exposing Lissa’s soul, Cass eased the veil from her face.
He saw her flash of desire, followed by more uncertainty, maybe fear. Why? He’d never hurt her.
Cass cupped her beautiful face in his hands. His work-roughened thumbs stroked her velvety cheeks as he lowered his mouth to hers. This time, he kissed Lissa with tenderness, respect, and patience.
She was his wife and deserved the best.


Tina Donahue Banner

About Tina:

I’m an award-winning, bestselling novelist in erotic, paranormal, contemporary and historical romance for Kensington, Samhain Publishing, Ellora’s Cave, Siren Publishing, Booktrope, Luminosity, and indie. Yay! Booklist, Publisher’s Weekly, Romantic Times and numerous online sites have praised my work, and trust me, I’m forever grateful for that. I’ve had my books reach finals in the EPIC competition, one title was named Book of the Year at a review site, and others have won awards in RWA-sponsored contests. I’m actually featured in the 2012 Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market. Talk about feeling like a freaking star. Before my writing career, I was the editor of an award–winning Midwestern newspaper and worked in Story Direction for a Hollywood production company. Outside of being an admitted and unrepentant chocoholic, I’ve flown a single-engine plane (scary stuff), rewired an old house using an electricity for dummies book, and have been known to moan like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally whenever I’m eating anything Mexican or Italian. Yeah, I like to eat (burp). You can check me out here – yes, I am everywhere!

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Vanquished by Allyson Young

Allyson Young

In the future, Earth negotiated a treaty with the Shadalla, only to wage another war with the Juxtant. Together, humans and Shadalla defeat that mortal enemy, but corruption and greed always prevails.

Vayne Palldyn, Sovereign of the planet Nibiru, is determined that his species not become extinct, and will take revenge on those who unleashed that genetic bio weapon. His kind has kidnapped human women before, and despite the Treaty none returned to Earth—the Shadalla have a biological advantage in seducing Chosen mates.  

Honorably discharged warrior Neira Grekhov boards the starship Astris, seeking peace but succumbing to soul sickness. Until the Astris is boarded by pirates.

Spying Neira ferociously defending her fellow passengers, Vayne pursues her, as his Chosen. Neira resists, and despite healing her emotionally the Sovereign wonders if he must concede defeat at the hands of this infuriating woman.

Then the stars align and truths are discovered…


Daggers at the ready, the three pirates once again approached the doors. Vayne spied a young, fair-haired male standing wide-eyed, his mouth dropping open as Barek, Duff and their Captain charged from the lift. Vayne followed on their heels, wincing as they mowed the young man down with a hit to the head. Then all chaos descended.
A significantly smaller figure, dressed completely in black, waded into the triangle of pirates. It laid Barek low with well-placed blows to his knees and an uppercut to his jaw as he fell to the ground. The baton inflicting the punishment flashed in a blur of movement to match the warrior’s whirling grace. Vayne was already moving to assist when the fighting dervish dealt with Duff, body moving with grace and deadly intent, bringing the pirate down with punishment to his kidneys. Short black hair gleamed in the harsh lighting as the warrior spun to take on Captain Ristos.
Vayne used his shocker, nearly catching one slender, black clad shoulder as their opponent made contact with Ristos’ ribcage, the baton making a dull, wet sound. But the little warrior whirled out of range, turning to renew the attack, and the bolt spent itself harmlessly against the bulkhead. Vayne’s cock filled and stood at full attention, causing him considerable discomfort in his tight-fitting space uniform. By the shades of Turco, it was a female. He locked eyes with orbs a brilliant shade of the golden gemstones so prized on his planet before she charged, moving gracefully on the balls of her bare feet.
“He dies!” Duff’s howl cut through the tension as Vayne prepared to defend himself, and the female halted, stumbling as she did so. Duff held his weapon at the young male’s throat, vicious intent written across his features.
“No, don’t,” the lithe beauty called out, and Vayne watched, transfixed, as she dropped to her knees, carefully laying down the lethal weapon she used so efficiently. She then clasped her hands behind her neck.
Nothing in her posture spoke of true submission, but it didn’t matter to Vayne’s cock. That appendage throbbed painfully and he was at a loss as to how to calm it. Never had he ever… Vayne struggled to make his body move. Ristos moved first.
Kicking aside the baton, he gestured to Duff, who released his hold on the still-unconscious young male. Was this woman attached to the man? Vayne shook his head. It didn’t matter. She was now his.
“Secure her.”
Ristos bent and clipped a pair of solar cuffs around the woman’s wrists, and Vayne approved of how efficient the captain was, yet afforded the little female respect. He wasn’t the only male to appreciate her attempt to defend this deck. The restraints emitted slight whirring sounds as they engaged. Charged by any light source, they were virtually impervious to tampering and would open only to the owner’s print. Vayne pulled the control from the captain’s hand, entered his own print to replace that of Ristos’, then crushed the control beneath his boot.
As desperate as the Shadalla were, their scientists had confirmed the compatibility of Earth females to breed and bear their children, and some of his species’ males had actually found their chosen. Gone was Vayne’s need to merely pick a female out of the women on this ship, using careful parameters to ensure she was suited for his position, able to bear his children, and of a nature and appearance to stimulate his desires in order to put those offspring in her belly. Royal concubines weren’t unheard of, after all, and the odds of him finding a chosen were slight. But he couldn’t look any further, impossibly drawn to this imperious warrior at his feet. And should he ever be fortunate enough to find an actual chosen mate, this lovely woman would retain concubine status, regardless.
“Bring the men out. Offer. I’ll send my exec to scrutinize the females.” He wasn’t that overwhelmed to forget he had a duty to other men in his service.
He reached down and fit a hand under the elbow of the female, and his world turned upside down. The physical attraction had been immediate, granted. But the instant he touched her and her scent enveloped him, his brain exploded with a revelation he’d only experienced once in his life—and a very subdued and pale version at that. One manipulated by science. Vayne didn’t need another minute with her to understand the symptoms and wished to shout his joy out loud. She was a chosen and not his future concubine. She came up with the lightness of gossamer, and only his quick reflexes saved him from a knee to the groin as he turned to catch the blow on his thigh. Little spitfire. 

 Author Bio:

Allyson Young lives in cottage country in Manitoba, Canada with her husband of many years and numerous pets. She worked in the human services all across Canada and has seen the best and worst of what people bring to the table. Allyson has written for years, mostly short stories and poetry, published in small newspapers and the like, although her work appeared in her high school yearbooks too! After reading an erotic romance, quite by accident, she decided to try her hand at penning erotica.
Allyson will write until whatever she has inside her is satisfied- when all the heroes man up and all the heroines get what they deserve. Love isn’t always sweet, and Allyson favours the darker side of romance.

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Tempting the Billionaire – Erotic Romance in Tropical Paradise By V.K. Black

Tempting the Billionaire –
Erotic Romance in Tropical Paradise
By V.K. Black

A lifetime ago, Alex Greenway grew up in a brothel. He graduated into petty theft and debt collection.

But the army gave him his way out. Now, he's a legitimate—albeit ruthless— billionaire. He wears designer suits. His office has harbor views. He owns an island.

When he discovers a pretty, naked hooker in his bed, he wants to get her off his island. But Mia has a sweet seduction style that's as sexy as hell. She seems different to the girls he'd known all those years ago.

Max is furious with himself for even considering a return to his old days. If he succumbs to temptation, then little Mia will be in for a wild and rough ride.

Genre(s): Short Erotic Contemporary Romance

Buy Links:
Amazon, Kobo, Nook

Victoria's Contacts:
victoriablacksexystories.com, Facebook, Twitter


V.K. Black has had a chequered career path, including deck hand on a prawn trawler, extra in ads and movies, and primary school teaching, until attending a writers' group and learning the secret craft of writing. She was hooked. Many submissions, rejections and writing courses later she achieved her dream with Lies and Seduction, published by Cobblestone Press (2010).

Since then she hasn't looked back, with five more books published: Heavenly Revenge (Secret Cravings Publishers, 2012), Unexpected Places (Escape Publishing, 2014), A Bubbly Holiday (self-published anthology of short romances, 2015) and How to Deal With a Surprise Penis (self-published anthology of short romances, 2015), and Tempting the Billionaire (self published erotic romance).

Victoria writes contemporary sweet to spicy novellas and short stories, but also enjoys dabbling in scifi fantasy, WW2 historical and time travel.

When not lost in one of her plots, she loves to immerse herself in travel, bridge and long coffee dates with her girlfriends. Coming a close second to her writing, she loves to cook and eat gourmet food, sample fine wine and get lost on a tropical island, all of which appear frequently in her novellas.

You can follow V.K. Black on her website/blog victoriablacksexystories.com. 

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Red is for Fire by Clair de Lune

Red is for Fire
Clair de Lune
Edana McAllister is a force of nature, voluptuous and passionate as well as stubborn and determined to have her way. Her long mane of rich red hair complements her fiery personality. Guided by her Goddess, she is in pursuit of her man and she will stop at nothing to get him, on her terms of course.
Andrew Macgregor is a giant of a man, dominant and unstoppable in court, magnificent in his kilt, and a true Dom. He wants Edana, but deceived by her outward appearance he curbs his dominant tendencies until he overhears Edana discussing what she really wants with a friend. His eyes are opened and he decides to give her exactly what she desires, but on his terms
Sparks fly, and the clash of wills leads to stalemate until fate or the Goddess intervenes. 

* * * 

This is book 2 in the series, which is set in a clandestine BDSM club in Speyside, the heart of the Scottish Whisky producing country. All the Doms and subs in the club are prominent members of  local society and have a lot to lose if their kink is discovered, so they will go to any lengths to protect their secrets and each other. Each book is a stand-alone, complete story.

Story Excerpt
"Well, the evening was a great success," Calum said as he and Ruari met the next day to consider plans, over a wee dram of the eighteen-year-old Dalguise, of course.
"Andrew's demonstration caused even more comment than we'd anticipated. I see the list he put up had Doughall and Ewan's names as well as ours. That scene with Edana was sensational," Ruari remarked.
"Yes, it was. What do you make of her and Andrew?"
Ruari considered for a while before he spoke. He swirled the amber liquid in his glass, sniffed appreciatively and took a sip.
"I think he's smitten. Oh, he does his best to conceal it, but when she's in the room he has eyes and attention for no other. The problem is I'm not so sure about her feelings. She was flirting with me, in front of him, but when I suggested we take it further she drew back at once. Come to think about it, I'm not sure what her game is at all, nor Catriona's. She was after Andrew like a bitch in heat, and Edana didn't seem to mind at all." Ruari sounded perplexed and not a little troubled.
Calum smiled to himself. Seems to me that Catriona knows exactly what she's about, but I have no intention of spoiling her fun. Ruari needs to settle down soon. She'd make him an excellent wife, but he's always been afraid to commit. Now he's beginning to sound like a dog that sees his old neglected bone the focus of attention by another.
"I saw them giggling together earlier," Calum remarked. "They seem to be up to something. Is she your sub or not?"
"I asked her to come here. I'm not sure I want to collar her. I don't think I want a permanent arrangement just yet," Ruari said, slowly, hesitating over his words.
"She's a stunner with that sleek cap of multi-coloured hair and that voluptuous figure, what's not to like? Just ask yourself how you'd feel if anyone else fucked her."
"Oh, she's gorgeous all right. There's nothing wrong with her, it's just me," Ruari said.
Calum thought he'd said enough to give Ruari food for thought.
"Well, you know your own business best, Ruari. Let's get to the plans for the future of the club. I'm for offering Doughall, Ewan and Heather membership. What about you?"
"It's your club, Calum," Ruari said.
"Yes, but we set it up, and I'd appreciate your candid opinion," Calum said.
"Okay then. I agree. We'll still need one more sub, to make up the numbers when we meet. We can ask if any of the Doms know of anyone who'd like to join. It's not going to be easy, with such a small membership, not to have Doms queueing up for subs. Before you know it, the subs will be getting ideas well above their station."
"No, we can't have that. We shall just have to keep them in their place," Calum said with a wink. "I can't wait to try out that spanking bench."

© Clair de Lune , self published, 2015

Adult Excerpt (R)
Edana stood at the bottom of the staircase, and to one side, as she'd been instructed. She heard the sound of cars arriving, so she straightened her back and lowered her gaze. She heard the cheerful rumble of Andrew's voice, and gripped her hands behind her back. She was nervous and on-edge. She well knew the spanking wasn't the only 'treat' he had planned, and she hoped that it would only be himself administering the punishment. The door opened, and a blast of cool evening air made her shiver and her nipples turn to hard nubs. Andrew must have allowed everyone to precede him, because although she couldn't look up, she could see their feet, and his laced brogues and stockings didn't appear until the very end, after the bolts had been shot home.
"Ah my naughty little puss is awaiting my pleasure," he almost purred. He put his bag on the floor and took out a box. He bent and sucked one stiff, little nipple into his mouth.
Edana gasped as she tried to remain upright. The pleasurable feelings made her toes curl, and her knees wobble. He stopped sucking and took out a wicked looking nipple clamp with which he adorned her nipple. Then he repeated the exercise and linked the two with a short length of chain that allowed very little movement, without tweaking the clamps. He hadn't finished, because he was holding a third clamp and Edana's eyes widened and her nostrils flared as she realised just where that was going.
He sat on the bottom step and told her to put one leg over his shoulder. When she hesitated, he pulled on the chain between her nipples to gain her attention, and she hurried to comply. His mouth sucked at her little bud, making her head spin, and she held onto him, to keep from falling over. When he took his mouth away, she moaned her objection, but he didn't comply with her unspoken request. Instead, he placed the last clamp over her clit, linking it to the other two, with just enough chain so that movement would pull on her delicate parts. He told her to remove her leg and stand upright, then he adjusted the length of the chain to his liking.
He took a collar and lead out of his bag and, placing the former about her neck, he attached the latter, holding the end in his hand. He lifted her chin and smiled at her.
"I've waited for this for such a long time, and I'm going to enjoy every last minute, my sweeting."
He led her to the stage and up the steps. Everyone was seated and silent. She felt so alone, but Andrew was on the other end of the lead, and he would look after her. She had to do this for him. He'd lost face because of her, and now it was pay-back time.

© Clair de Lune , self published, 2015

Author's bio
Since my youngest son challenged me to write a novel of my own and I wrote "Initiation" book one in the Prometheus in Chains series writing has taken over my life. It has been like a roller-coaster ride and a very pleasurable one at that. When I sent off my first book to Siren I had no idea what I was setting in motion. I have made many good friends, some readers and some fellow authors. Writing has certainly changed my life.
I believe the world has enough sadness in it and my characters will always get their HEA even if the road is rocky.
 I am also very grateful for all the help and advice I have received from Sage Marlowe who edited this book and Jess Buffett for the beautiful cover.
This is only my second self-published book. My previous series "Prometheus in  Chains," "The Dragons of the Cairngorms," "The Blood Red Rose Club," and the single novellas, Angel in Hell and  The Locket were published by Siren. Life on the Edge was published by Breathless Press.



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A Diamond in the Dark by Sassie Lewis

A Diamond in the Dark 
Sassie Lewis

An untouched beauty, an irresistible cowboy, and forbidden desires. Sinning never tasted so sweet.
How do you get a Texas cowboy to notice you? Tia’s been asking herself that question for years. She’s only ever wanted one man to notice her. The problem is the stubborn, ruggedly handsome guy that she’s obsessed with has always seen himself as her uncle.

What happens when the girl you helped raise becomes a young woman you can’t resist? In Axton’s case, you take a road trip to escape temptation. But when his brother dumps the delectable, curvy Tia in Axton’s hotel room, suddenly the reasons for fighting temptation seem insignificant against the burning need coursing through them both.

Can the heat of their passion ignite a love worth fighting for, or will one accident end it all?

Content Warning: This book contains one hot as hell cowboy and a curvy college student with great taste in men. Some outdoor, indoor, and public loving. These scenes are sure to leave your panties wet and your heart pumping.

Genre(s): Erotic Contemporary Romance, BBW

ISBN: 9781940744834

Author Bio
Sassie Lewis is a born and bred Australian. She lives on the outskirts of Brisbane Queensland, with her husband, two daughters, one son and a dog that hates having a bath.

She swears like a sailor, and blames her ability to over share personal matters - matters that fall into that TMI category - on a faulty brain to mouth filter, that forgets to tell her “This isn’t appropriate dinner conversation”.

An avid reader since childhood. Sassie came across erotic romance in her mid-twenties, falling deeply, madly in lust with the genre instantly. And has had wet panties ever since.

With her somewhat skewed and unique view of the world, along with a little encouragement from her father, she thought what the heck! and she penned her first erotic romance.

She hopes to draw you into the world she’s created, and leave you as breathless and wanting, for her fictional friends, as she became, while writing them.

Sassie also writes under the name of Vixen von Fock



PG 13
God, he felt good. His touch was magic. Once he had pulled her into his arms, she forgot about being angry at him. He smelt so good. Sweat, cattle, and sandalwood...the scents filled her mind with not only images of him covering her, marking her in that delicious fragrance, but also of home.

And he’d called her baby! The effect it had on her was at odds with Luke’s use of the same endearment. Luke’s always felt brotherly. Seeing as how Axton hadn’t called her anything but her name since she was about sixteen, the word baby felt like a passionate kiss.

She was absolutely beautiful, kneeling on the bed, with her fingers teasing her own pussy, head thrown back, eyes closed. Her breasts rose and fell with every breath she took, her skin slightly flushed from her arousal. She was like a tornado—she sucked him in, and destroyed the world as he knew it, only to leave it reshaped, better for just seeing her like this.
He hadn’t even known he was walking toward the bed until his shins connected with the edge of the mattress. Then her smell hit him, and the fragrance was intoxicating—strawberries, honey, and womanly musk. He grabbed her hand before she could finish herself off. Tia’s eyelids fluttered open, orbs the color of violets and glazed over with lust peered deep into his own.

“You don’t know what you’re asking for, little girl,” he said as he brought her nectar- coated fingers to his mouth.

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Shakedown by Michelle Roth

Hi there, everyone! 

I'm Michelle Roth and I'm here to introduce my latest release, Shakedown. Diamond and Diamond is a bit of a departure from anything that I've written thus far. My previous works have all been ultra-realistic contemporary romance. Shakedown still has the sexy, steamy elements just like any other erotic romance, but it also incorporates a bit of suspense and mystery as well. I certainly hope you enjoy!

Private Detective Mike Diamond is the low man on the totem pole. More often than not he finds himself investigating insurance fraud or cheating spouses. When he's assigned a dog-napping case, he is on the brink of refusing until he meets the client. One look at her changes everything.

When the police refuse to investigate her case, Cassidy Werner turns to Diamond and Diamond Private Investigators. Despite the bad first impression he's given her, Cassidy still hires Mike to help her find her prize Tibetan Mastiff. As she gets to know him, she realizes that he's not only dedicated to getting Roddy back for her, but also a pretty great guy.

Right after she receives a ransom demand, things begin to heat up between them. Will Mike be able to crack the case and save her dog? And if he can, does that mean that he gets the girl too?

He was relieved to find the lobby was empty, so he stopped back at Lara's desk and asked, “Can you believe that shit? A dog napping?”
He didn't think for a minute she hadn't overheard every word. That woman was like the KGB and Secret Service all in one. Anything happened in this office, she had it under immediate surveillance.
Lara cuffed him on the arm and said, “She's in the bathroom, idiot.”
Mike winced, feeling bad he'd probably been overheard. But, seriously, who hired a PI to find a lost dog?
Seconds later, the bathroom door slowly opened. He almost did a double take as the woman stepped out. Aside from red eyes that had clearly been crying, she was a looker.
She was elegantly dressed and somewhere near his age, with a riot of auburn curls trailing down her back, like some sort of mermaid siren. All ripe, lush curves. He'd always liked his women soft.
And, he was ogling this obviously distraught woman like she was a steak. Not that he wouldn't be more than interested in taking a bite, but it was clear that now wasn't the time. So instead of voicing his thoughts, he stuck his hand out and said, “Mike Diamond. And you are?”
Cassidy Werner,” she said, not bothering to stick her hand out.
Well, apparently she'd heard him. He'd need to apologize, if the look on her face was any indication. He dropped his hand and said, “My office is this way.”
She gave him a look that screamed 'You're on thin ice, buddy' but moved toward the open office door that Mike had gestured to. He followed her, once again appreciating the hourglass waist and full hips. Damn.
He moved behind his desk and gestured to one of the worn chairs. When she had settled in, he asked, “So I understand your dog has been kidnapped?”

About Michelle Roth:
Michelle Roth is a novelist from the Great White North (Toronto, ON). When she’s not disappearing into foreign lands, or making two perfect strangers that she invented fall in love, she’s probably curled up somewhere with a glass of wine and a good book.
In her spare time she is typically hanging out with her awesome boyfriend and their two equally awesome cats. She likes taking road trips to nowhere in particular, cooking elaborate meals then making other people do the dishes, and being nerdy on the internet. Her books are currently available on Amazon, Nook, Kobo, and any other place that sells absolutely filthy romance novels.

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Monday, June 01, 2015

The The winners have just been announced for the competition some of my books were nominated for. 

I had three titles entered in three categories and I managed to pick up a prize for each one!

Build A Love was runner-up in the Erotic Section and came in 5th in the GBLT.

A Hunter's Heart was runner-up for the Series Section.
Easychair BookshopWhen making the announcements the site had this to say about the entries.

Each Category had at least 5 judges with some having 7. The judging was extremely close and every Judge commented on the high quality of works.

In 3 categories, the winner was awarded a perfect 10 from every judge! The highest mark separation between the winners and fifth places was 1.89, the lowest was 0.35!

Making the top 5 was no small achievement and each and every one of you should be extremely proud of yourselves.